• To Tweet Or Not To Tweet? 5 Tips For Social CEOs
    CEO.com - Aug 15
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  • 6 Essential Qualities Of Awesome Startup Employees
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  • 4 Steps To Building A Company Vision
    CEO.com - Jul 14
    Successful organizations have one thing in common: clear goals. Without goals, businesses remain too short-sighted to understand their true potential. But in order to achieve those goals, employees must not only be aware of... Read »
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  • Why You Should Always Nurture Curiosity
    CEO.com - Jul 11
    "It is a very grave mistake to think that the enjoyment of seeing and searching can be promoted by means of coercion and a sense of duty." - Albert Einstein Are extrinsic rewards damaging employee curiosity and morale... Read »
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  • 4 Social Media Rules For The Corner Office
    CEO.com - Jul 2
    Staying accessible to clients can be challenging for today's CEO. Yet in our information-driven and constantly connected society, people expect a certain degree of transparency. In that way, social media can act as the... Read »
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  • Never Lose Sight Of The Customer
    CEO.com - Jun 24
    If you’ve ever been involved in building a technology product or service from the ground up, then you’ve most likely been warned of just how important it is to first understand the customer needs and market trends and... Read »
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  • The World Needs Data-Savvy Managers
    Businessweek - Jun 21
    You’ve been reading and hearing a lot about how companies that analyze oceans and rivers of information can change the course of their business—both for the better and for the worse, depending on your source material.... Read »
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  • Is There A Cult Of Disruption In Silicon Valley?
    TechCrunch - Jun 20
    Disruption. From frenzied investment pitches on Sand Hill Road to the name of the top conference for startups in Silicon Valley (i.e. the people who pay my bills), that word has become synonymous with everything and everyone... Read »
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  • Why CEOs Need To Be On Twitter
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    Do you want your customers to trust your company? Here's one simple tip that many top executives still ignore: Sign up for a Twitter account. Now. Read »
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  • The Capitalist’s Dilemma
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    To boost growth in the U.S. economy and pull out of the economic slump we’ve been in for the past few years, we need to look at the reluctance of corporations to invest capital into market-creating innovations. Harvard... Read »
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  • How To Turn Good Ideas Into Great Products
    CEO.com - Jun 3
    Ideas: Everyone has them. Few act on them. Even fewer make money from them. Want to turn an idea into a real business? Here's an overview of the process from Stephen Key, the author of One Simple Idea for Startups and... Read »
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  • Uber CEO: We’re In A Political Battle
    Mashable - May 28
    Uber cofounder and CEO Travis Kalanick described his ride-service company's battle with entrenched city-regulated taxi services as a political war. "We were in a campaign where the candidate is Uber and the incumbent is an... Read »
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  • One Simple Way To Get Your CEO To Embrace Risk...
    Gartner - May 28
    Why do most CEOs or other senior business executives cringe at the thought of having to meet with risk management professionals? By their very nature, CEOs are hard wired to seek out growth opportunities that will add value... Read »
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  • Richard Branson Bets Big On Indiegogo In...
    Venture Beat - May 20
    Some very big names apparently believe Indiegogo has at least a fighting chance against larger crowdfunding rival Kickstarter. San Francisco-based Indiegogo announced eight new investors today, and the list reads like a... Read »
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  • How Samsung Gets Innovations To Market
    HBR - May 19
    In 2010 Samsung set up a small consumer-focused innovation team in London, headed by Luke Mansfield. The team’s mission was to come up with new products for the European market — and then, significantly, to convince... Read »
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