• We Asked 169,000 Workers About What Makes Their...
    Inc. - Jul 19
    A great corporate culture isn't something you can buy. It's organic; it has to be cultivated. Inc.'s Best Workplaces celebrates companies that actively strive to build vibrant and engaging cultures. More than 1,600... Read »
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  • How Productive Are You? Here Are 8 Ways to Find Out.
    Entrepreneur - Jul 18
    There’s a difference between being busy and being productive. While it’s true that both are able to check items off of their to-do-lists, productive check off the right items. Instead of just doing things to get them... Read »
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  • 5 Practices To Make You A Greater Leader And Manager
    Forbes - Jul 18
    What are five practices you should have as a great manager? The differences between being a great manager and being a great leader may not seem vast at first glance. There is, however, a delicate balance at play between... Read »
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  • How Bad Leadership Makes Consensus Happen Anyway
    Forbes - Jul 18
    One of the key traits we associate with effective leadership is the ability to build consensus — convince the team to come to an agreement for the good of the whole. It’s not the only way to lead and there are plenty of... Read »
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  • Discovery CEO Zaslav: We Need To Disrupt Ourselves To...
    CNBC - Jul 18
    Media companies need to "disrupt" themselves to be rewarded by shareholders and become relevant on all platforms, Discovery Communications CEO David Zaslav said Tuesday. Zaslav, a former executive at CNBC parent... Read »
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  • 3 Easy Productivity Tips From Google Employees
    Inc. - Jul 12
    If you spend enough time on the internet, you'll come across article after article discussing all of Google's amazing workplace hacks. While your first reaction might be to be jealous of them, your second should be that... Read »
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  • The Worksheet You 100% Need To Fill Out Before Asking...
    Forbes - Jul 12
    You know what’ll make (almost) all of that disappear? Being prepared. Yup — bargaining for a higher salary will be one billion times easier (that’s a rough estimate, obviously), if you’ve done your homework. And... Read »
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  • To Get More Done At Work, This Productivity Exec Says...
    Entrepreneur - Jul 12
    Tweets. Texts. Emails. Shared documents. New comments on shared documents. A work day can be a storm of notifications, with each alert keeping us up to date on everything and nothing simultaneously. And Joshua... Read »
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  • Want To Be Successful? Learn These Three Skills
    Forbes - Jul 12
    When you love music, but your mother tells you that you need to be a lawyer or doctor, what do you do? For Natalia Nastaskin, who moved to America from the Soviet Union when she was a shy eight-year-old kid, her solution... Read »
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  • Looking At Productivity As A State of Mind
    The New York Times - Jul 11
    Policy makers often fret about the pace of worker productivity. But each of us also frets about the pace of our own individual productivity. Type the phrase “being more” into Google: The autocomplete function suggests... Read »
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  • 5 Things To Do When Your Top Performer Suddenly Stops...
    Inc. - Jul 11
    "I'd ask the employee what he or she thinks should happen, and then we'd work togetherto find consensus on an action plan. That allows us to get buy-in for consequences. It makes it more likely that folks will follow... Read »
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  • Employee Takes Sick Leave For Mental Health, CEO’s...
    USA TODAY - Jul 11
    When an employee shared an email from her CEO on Twitter, she sparked an important conversation about mental health. Madalyn Parker, a web developer who suffers from chronic depression and anxiety, sent an email to her... Read »
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  • How Tech Employees Really Feel About Their Bosses
    Fortune - Jul 10
    Uber is certainly not alone in its leadership crisis. One in three tech employees feel that their bosses have a negative impact on company culture, according to a survey of 20,000 workers in the tech industry. Women were... Read »
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  • True Leadership Means Ensuring Your Team Is Healthy...
    Forbes - Jul 10
    It doesn’t matter how emotionally invested people are in the companies they work for – if they feel burnt out, productivity goes down the drain. I recently had a few conversations with coaching clients who sought... Read »
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  • Hootsuite CEO Explains Why He Ditched Laptop For Phone
    Business Insider - Jul 10
    I took a two-week work trip to Europe last month, and I didn’t bring a laptop. And that’s the rule, not the exception for me. For the past year, I’ve been steadily weaning myself off of my MacBook and relying more... Read »
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