More Than You Wanted To Know About Mark Zuckerberg’s Dog


DATE: April 18, 2013

When you’re a billionaire who defined social media by transforming the way people interact online, it’s not surprising that your pet might have a similar quest to “become the cutest puppy in the world.”

So how cute is this dog? Here are just a few of Zuckerberg’s captioned photographs, along with some interesting facts we discovered.

Meet Beast, Mark Zuckerberg’s dog.

Beast According to his background information, Beast was born in Oregon on January 10, 2011, lives in Palo Alto, California and enjoys include herding things, cuddling, loving and eating.You simply couldn’t ask more of a puppy.

“I don’t know how I ended up in this sink.”

Beast The Facebook founder took the liberty of creating an entire profile for his beloved pup. Now almost 1.5 million people know and love Beast’s endless antics and attempts at controlling his adoring owners’ lives.

“That puddle at the bottom left is all me.”

Beast A couple of days after this photo, Beast posted a Daily Mail articleand added, “Just found a newspaper article about me pooping. I’m glad someone else understands how important a part of the day this is for me.”

“Today I discovered sticking my head out the car window.”

Beast Like any normal pup, Beast enjoys the wind in his hair. He also enjoys destroying bathrooms, laying atop heated air vents and going to puppy socials.

“Got some air off those steps.”

Beast Before Beast goes on walks, Zuckerberg likes to pump him up by listening to “Eye of a Tiger.”

“Computers make me sleepy.”

Beast No worries, Beast. We think coding is boring, too.

“A delicious bone for my second birthday.”

Beast Poor beast is sometimes embarrassed by his parents. Mom puts his floppy hair in ponytails and Dad takes pictures of him wearing the cone of shame. Then he’ll get dunked in water “for no reason at all,” but he’ll also gets puppy cupcakes from time to time too.

“Recently got a job as an engineer at Facebook.”

Beast Like any good employer, Zuckerberg also encourages Beast to exercise by helping him master the treadmill.

“Mom got me a sweet jump suit.”

Beast And sometimes, Beast dances to rap music.

“Just trying to blend in.”

Beast Beast is a type of Hungarian Sheepdog called a Puli, which are perhaps most famous for their resemblance to a mop. He’s already sporting the furry dreadlocks.

“Herding stance.”

Beast Is this a dog or a yeti?This picture was taken during Beast’s first ever sheep herding adventure.

“When I run, I am an epic dog explosion.”

Beast Boom.


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