January 16, 2013
Mark Cuban Twitter-Slaps Coke CEO

It was kind of like shaking a bottle of Coke and then opening it on Twitter.

CNBC invited Steve Cahillane, Coca-Cola’s North America president & CEO, on the air this morning to discuss Coke’s anti-obesity ad campaign unveiled yesterday.

Described by some critics as damage control, the new videos highlight the company’s efforts at low-cal options and portion control, as well as the importance of individual diet choice and exercise.

Cahillane told CNBC:

So many health professionals tell people, ‘Don’t drink sugary drinks—that is what is making you fat.’ You hear it time and time again. But there is a lot of science out there that is not what I would call robust science… What we know is a calorie is a calorie. Calories in and calories out is a simple equation, but it’s a complex issue.

That’s when Mark Cuban, billionaire CEO and popular “Shark Tank” investor, went in for the Twitter-attack:

Mark Cuban Tweet

In less than 40 minutes, Cuban’s response had 800 retweets.

See the CNBC Interview here: