Create Powerful is a course on self-leadership, living fearlessly, and mattering to those in your life. This is an intense, immersive, live course designed for individuals committed to personal and professional growth, becoming more powerful leaders of themselves and others, and experiencing their relationships powerfully.

What Leaders Have to Say About Their Experience Of Create Powerful by Ontocore

This course is not “woo-woo.” It's actually work! I'm more excited to go home and apply this stuff, because that's when the real work happens. A lot of the “woo-woo” events, when the [seminar] is done, you're like 'Oh…I gotta go back to normal life.' I'm not looking to create some fictitious life in some three-day period of time. I'm looking to do some work and move the needle in my life so when I get out of here, I come back with so much more power than I had than when I left!

-Will Merrifield, President at IFC Roofing

"As a leader, I am constantly looking for ways to learn and grow. On my own I was growing, but I recognized that I had an opportunity to grow faster. Through my work with Ontocore, I was able to create alignment with who I really wanted to be. I have 10x'd my personal and professional growth with Ontocore."

-Anita Gratham, Chief People Officer at Pluralsight

"If you're considering enrolling in the Ontocore course, I would say that I have never felt that I've got more out of an investment of time or money into creating a better version of me and creating a better relationship with those I care about both professionally and personally. I have no regrets about the investment. I have no regrets about the time away and I can see the benefits of the work in all aspects of my life."

-Jeff Owens, Anesthesiologist, Dignity Health

What The Create Powerful Course Is

Create Powerful is a rigorous course that will provide you, as a committed participant, an opportunity to see, understand, and interact with the world in a new and powerful way. It's about moving beyond linear and circumstantial definitions of power to come to a new understanding of how powerful you are as a human being and what this understanding will create for you as a possibility.

When you attend this course and participate from a committed place, we promise you will leave the course having:

  • Discovered how powerful leaders lead and how you can lead powerfully, personally and professionally, in any and all situations.
  • A new understanding of yourself as a leader in your life (self-leadership) and your business.
  • A new relationship with fear and how you can use this new relationship to reach incredible levels of performance in all areas of your life, having the freedom to be and freedom to act, a new way of being in the realm of fearlessness.
  • A new understanding of selling and how it relates to relationships, what makes the most powerful salesperson successful, and how you are a salesperson in your life, even if you don't work in sales.
  • Access to power in all your relationships, even the really tough ones. And you will be someone others experience as someone who can be counted on and trusted by them.

Is The Course Right For You?

If you are ready to take the next step creating more power in your life and having others experience you as a powerful leader, and are willing to commit yourself to three days of intense, rigorous training, then this course is for you.

Attendees are selected exclusively at the discretion of the team. The standard event tuition is $6,500 per participant, $9750 for two sharing a room.

What The Create Powerful Course Is Not

Create Powerful is not a feel-good seminar (it is not a seminar!) designed to make attendees happier about who they are today. It is not a psychotherapy workshop to uncover attendees' worst fears and anxieties.

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