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    Inc. - Jan 11
    Back in 2000, just before the tech bubble burst, I worked as a developer at dotcoms. Big paydays were luring all kinds of people into tech then, including those with no prior experience. The company where I worked was run... Read »
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    There are several things you should always articulate to a hiring manager in an interview. But here's the one that matters the most: Your Workplace Persona = How to Justify Your Salary Your workplace persona is how... Read »
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  • GoPro Lays Off Hundreds Of Workers, CEO Slashes Pay...
    Forbes - Jan 8
    GoPro's founder and CEO Nick Woodman is taking a pay cut as the wearable camera-maker continues to struggle. Woodman said on Monday that he would receive $1 in cash compensation in 2018. That compares to a salary of... Read »
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  • The Worst Leadership Advice I Ever Received
    Forbes - Jan 2
    Even your closest friends, colleagues and family members can give you bad advice about how you should lead your career and your life. I discovered this two years ago when I was invited to speak about ethical intelligence to... Read »
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    For many high-achieving professionals, the ultimate career goal is to become a chief executive officer. While anyone who climbs the corporate ladder or starts their own company can hold this title, it takes an outstanding... Read »
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  • Golden Krust CEO Remembered As A ‘Compassionate...
    NY Daily News - Dec 19
    The widow of Golden Krust founder Lowell Hawthorne broke her silence at his massive funeral in Brooklyn Tuesday, writing that his shocking suicide left her family heartbroken and grasping for answers. Lorna Hawthorne... Read »
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  • How Ex-Microsoft Exec Bob Muglia Triumphed Over 2...
    Business Insider - Dec 18
    After 23 years at Microsoft and two at Juniper Networks, Bob Muglia is in his first CEO role, happily running a fast-growing cloud-database startup called Snowflake for the past four years. But Muglia will forever be... Read »
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    As a business leader, perhaps your most important role is building a high-performing team that will drive your company forward. Whether your organization is just starting out, growth stage or beyond, you need people who can... Read »
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  • 10 Strategies For Entrepreneurs Dealing With Failure
    Entrepreneur - Nov 29
    Failure, for entrepreneurs, is inevitable. This might come in the form of small losses, like losing an important deal to a competitor, or in big ones, like being unable to make payroll. The best entrepreneurs, however,... Read »
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  • The Simple Thing Science Says You Can Do to Seem More...
    Entrepreneur - Nov 28
    So much about successful entrepreneurship is about building rapport, whether it’s with investors or prospective employees. A new study from Hokkaido University and Yamagata University in Japan has found that something as... Read »
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  • Three Ways To Become A Better Startup CEO
    Forbes - Nov 27
    Running a startup is one of the most difficult challenges anyone can undertake professionally. The startup CEO has to come in with a high-risk tolerance, an incredible work ethic and a versatility of skills unlike any other... Read »
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    Successful entrepreneurs have a lot of things in common; one is knowing how to make the best use of their time. When the clock is ticking and they are under pressure to deliver, many have a favourite productivity hack to... Read »
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  • The 36-Year-Old CEO Of Burger King Asks Job...
    Business Insider - Nov 21
    Daniel S. Schwartz, the CEO of Burger King, Tim Hortons, and Popeyes, is a business prodigy. He stepped into his role as CEO the age of 32, after swiftly climbing the corporate ladder in investment banking and private... Read »
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  • Stitch Fix CEO Says There Are Not Enough Female...
    CNBC - Nov 17
    "My path as an entrepreneur has not always been easy," Stitch FixFounder and Chief Executive Officer Katrina Lake told CNBC's "Squawk Alley" Friday about being a woman in Silicon Valley. "My hope is that now that there... Read »
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  • Where’d All the Millennial Entrepreneurs Go?
    Entrepreneur - Nov 16
    Last year, John Lettieri of the Economic Innovation Group testified before the U.S. Senate that millennials were on track to be the "least entrepreneurial generation" in the past 100 years. Read »
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