Thank you for considering as a platform for your voice. To ensure a smooth process from submission to publication, please follow the guidelines outlined below:

Submission Guidelines

  1. Content: Your essay should be original, unpublished elsewhere, and offer a unique perspective.
  2. Length: Essays should typically range between 800 and 1200 words.
  3. Format: All submissions must be in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or Google Docs formats.
  4. Biographical Information: Include a brief bio (up to 50 words) at the end of your essay. Include your contact information (email and phone number) and the profile pic you want to accompany the essay.
  5. Citations: Include a source for each data point, statistic, or quote in your essay.
  6. Images and Illustrations: If relevant, attach images, graphs, or illustrations separately in .jpg or .png format and indicate where they should be placed within the text.
  7. Submission: Email your submission to Include the essay title in the subject line and the essay document.

Pre-Publication Editing Process

  1. Initial Review: Essays that align with the above guidelines proceed to substantive editing.
  2. Substantive Editing: This step focuses on content, structure, clarity, and style.
  3. Fact-checking: All statistics, quotations, and facts are verified for accuracy.
  4. Copy Editing: At this stage, we focus on grammar, punctuation, spelling, and style consistency.
  5. Author Review: Significant changes will be shared with you for approval.
  6. Proofreading: The final version of your essay is proofread to catch any overlooked errors.
  7. Layout and Design: Your essay is then formatted for publication.
  8. Final Approval: Our editorial team reviews the final version one last time before publication.

Post-Publication Editing Process

  1. Corrections: If an error is discovered post-publication, we make corrections swiftly and transparently.
  2. Updates: If new information or developments related to your essay arise, we may add an update.
  3. Retractions: In rare instances where a significant error or ethical breach is discovered, the piece might be retracted.

We appreciate your compliance with these guidelines and look forward to your thoughtful, well-researched, and insightful submissions.