Do I have to be a CEO to join CEO.com?

No. We’re a curated community of leaders, which means we’re home to individuals making a difference in the world. We bring together CEOs, executives, venture capitalists, business owners, investors, nonprofit executives, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

We exist to surround our community members with ideas and peers to expand their relationships, knowledge, resources, and opportunities to progress as leaders.

What type of company or organization must I be leading?

We're agnostic regarding the industry, revenue, or company size. Simply put, we’re home to the world’s most exceptional leaders who create an impact in the world. We believe you'll add and receive value from our community if that sounds like you.

What does it mean to join a curated circle of world-class CEOs?

You will have the opportunity to join a circle of six CEO.com members.

Your circle will be able to confidentially communicate with each other, schedule events, and meet within our platform. You will also participate in roundtable discussions with your circle.

While there's no extra cost, members do not have to join a curated circle. All members have access to and the ability to connect and network with the full CEO.com community within our private iOS, Android, and desktop apps.

What opportunities do members have to publish on CEO.com?

CEO.com members have the exclusive license and authorization to publish essays and a newsletter on the CEO.com domain.

Tell me more about what it means to join a CEO.com MasterMIND™ group.

CEO.com EXECUTE™ is an exclusive MasterMIND™ for high-performing leaders ready to progress to the next level. Developed by Lee Benson over his 40-year career building and successfully exiting multiple high-growth companies, Benson created EXECUTE™ to avoid the superficial and overly process-driven pitfalls of many existing peer advisory groups.

There is a separate application process to join EXECUTE™. Members do not have to apply or participate.

Learn more here.