March 5, 2015
Chart: What Kind of Feedback Do Millennials Want From Their Managers?

Engaging millennials is a hot topic in today’s business world and article after article is published trying to pinpoint the best way to motivate the next generation. While many of these ideas are speculative, Harvard Business Review recently conducted a survey in which 1,400 Millennials reported wanting more feedback from their managers.

Overall, Millennials want feedback 50 percent more often than other employees, preferring feedback to come from managers and other leaders on a monthly basis.


Millennials were raised in a world of the Internet and instant gratification, making monthly feedback much more favorable than the more customary quarterly feedback.

Another thing to note is that Millennials aren’t necessarily looking for stronger managerial direction when receiving feedback, but are looking for more help with their personal development as an employee and team member.

Millennials want managers who will inspire them, surround them with great people, and be approachable and authentic, giving them the feedback they need to grow and develop.