What society lacks is trust, they say. Our most visible leaders couldn't find integrity in a dictionary. Back in the day, the i-word was so common you could find it in a phone book. Our souls are being tried. They could use mercy.

It's impossible to know if what they say is right. What would we do if they were? Hope our AI bots have integrity, I suppose. There's got to be a Python script for it.

The old timer at the barbershop says integrity is now the most valuable commodity in the world. But if it were so important, they'd teach it in school.

The Future of Work With Leading Expert Tony Jamous

May 11, 2023 | 12:00 MST | Oyster CEO Tony Jamous

Tony created Oyster to remove the remaining barriers to successful remote work, including hiring, compensating, and managing team members far from the office.

👀 Disney accuses Florida GOP of targeting its business

Amid attempts to nullify its land-development agreements, The Walt Disney Co. is intensifying its legal battle against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and his Republican allies, alleging they are "weaponizing the power of government." The state legislature recently adopted a law that seeks to retroactively invalidate a contract that Disney signed to gain planning approvals for a potential expansion of its theme parks and hotels. The company claims the measures are retaliatory for opposing a sex-education bill championed by DeSantis last year.

💼 Adaptability and relationship building key to entrepreneurship success

Jason Feifer, editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur Magazine, shares insight into entrepreneurship in a recent interview. Feifer emphasizes the importance of adaptability and building relationships in the entrepreneurial landscape. He believes that entrepreneurs think differently, and by applying their experiences to what they need next, they can open themselves up to future opportunities. Feifer also touches on the future of publishing, noting the rise of independent writers through Substack and the need for traditional media companies to find a business model that fits the modern landscape. Overall, Feifer's insights are inspiring and thought-provoking, demonstrating that adaptability and relationship-building are critical to success in the entrepreneurial world.

🤖 Will AI take your job?

A recent in-depth essay by The Economist, titled "Your Job is (Probably) Safe From Artificial Intelligence," explores the impact of automation on the job market. While there are concerns about AI's effect on employment, economists suggest that such worries lack empirical evidence. The job destruction wrought by automation will likely happen slowly, allowing the economy to create new jobs as others are eliminated. Additionally, AI may not improve productivity in industries where human presence is essential, such as healthcare and hospitality. Rather than precipitating large-scale job losses, AI could create new job opportunities and even have a net-positive effect on the economy.

📈 New study shows surge in entrepreneurship driven by diverse demographics

A recent study by software company Gusto found a 42% increase in new businesses created in 2022 compared to pre-pandemic levels, with more diverse demographics driving the surge. Economic uncertainty and a desire for greater flexibility were key drivers, with women and mid-career workers leading the charge. Despite challenges, entrepreneurs remain optimistic about their business prospects, and innovations like accounting software and online marketplaces have contributed to the rapid growth in entrepreneurship.

📉 The Metaverse loses traction

The Metaverse, a virtual world concept that gained popularity in 2021 after Facebook's rebranding as Meta, has failed to gain traction in the evolving tech industry. Challenges in translating the Metaverse's promises into functional technology have resulted in a lack of clear use cases and effective adoption strategies. The Metaverse's adoption and usage rates have also been lower than expected, leading to a decline in interest from corporations and investors. As a result, the tech industry's focus has shifted to other advancements, notably generative AI, leading to declining support for the Metaverse.

Gregory Alan Isakov, In Tall Buildings

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