Interviews interviews prominent leaders and entrepreneurs.

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  • Inclusion Pro CEO Sara Dansie Jones

    Sara Dansie Jones has a conversation with Clint Betts about adoption and the challenges of building an inclusive workplace.

  • Summit Backstage: Conal Byrne & Gayle Troberman

    iHeart Media's Conal Byrne and Gayle Troberman discuss the future of digital media and technology, backstage at Silicon Slopes Summit.

  • Summit Backstage: Senator Mike Lee

    Senator Mike Lee talks about his conversation with Apple CEO, Tim Cook and his views on big tech, backstage at Silicon Slopes Summit.

  • Summit Backstage: Liz Wiseman

    Liz Wiseman, author and executive advisor, on creating an entire team of impact players, backstage at Silicon Slopes Summit.

  • Summit Backstage: Governor Spencer Cox

    Governor Spencer Cox discusses Utah's progress and bright future, backstage at Silicon Slopes Summit.

  • Summit Backstage: Doug Merritt

    Doug Merritt, CEO of Splunk, on data based business and the new WFH environment, backstage at Silicon Slopes Summit.

  • Summit Backstage: Deb Liu

    Deb Liu, CEO of Ancestry, talks about imposter syndrome and adopting a learning mindset, backstage at Silicon Slopes Summit.

  • Leadership Isn't About You, An Interview With Simplus CEO Ryan Westwood

    A discussion on how to overcome ego, how others think of you, and conquering the struggles of entrepreneurship. Ryan Westwood, Simplus founder and CEO, knows more about this topic than almost anyone. He talks about how he went from a farm kid to managing a deli to building a $250 million company....

  • How To Build A Business That Creates Impact

    Clint Betts talks with Cotopaxi founder and CEO Davis Smith about creating a business that generates impact. Davis talks about what it takes to create a successful benefit corporation, leadership lessons he's learned, acquiring, and the inspiration behind Cotopaxi.

  • Building A Multi-Billion Dollar FinTech Company With Divvy CEO Blake Murray

    Clint Betts interviews Divvy co-founder and CEO Blake Murray. They discuss how Blake built a multi-billion dollar fintech company in such a short amount of time, leadership lessons he's learned along the way, the influence his father has had in his life, and the future of Divvy following its $2.5...

  • Imposter Syndrome and Leadership Credibility With Atlas RTX CEO Bassam Salem

    A discussion on overcoming imposter syndrome, what it means to be a credible leader, and the opportunities and challenges that exist for immigrants to the United States. Bassam Salem is the founder and CEO of Atlas RTX. His insight and perspective is immensely valuable and relevant on these topic...

  • Entrepreneurship Should Be Fun With Scott Paul

    Scott Paul is present and energetic and fun. He doesn't take himself too seriously, but his passion for entrepreneurs and startups is plenty serious. In this wide-ranging interview, Scott and Clint talk about crypto, Elon Musk, investing, mental health, and a whole bunch of other things.

  • The Secret To Building A Successful Business In The Food Industry

    A conversation with Andrew Smith, co-founder and Managing Director of Savory Fund, on the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, how he went from building a tech company to a restaurant empire, and what it takes to create a concept that resonates with customers and drives revenue growth.

    Clint also ...

  • How To Build A Health Tech Company That Matters

    A conversation with eLuma founder and CEO Jeremy Glauser on overcoming loss, creating a remote work environment, and building a health tech company that matters. We're seeing an explosion of healthcare companies at the moment. How should one interested in starting one focus their energy, time, an...

  • Summit Backstage: Steve Ballmer & Senator Mitt Romney

    Steve Ballmer and Senator Mitt Romney joke about the upcoming NBA season and where they're focusing their energy lately, backstage at Silicon Slopes Summit.

  • Liz Wiseman On Leadership & Politics In The Workplace

    Liz Wiseman talks about leading with transparency, how to deal with diminishers, and whether politics should be discussed in the workplace. Liz is the author of several NY Times best-selling books and speaks across the country on the topic of leadership.

  • Lauren Leader On Political & Business Leadership

    A writer, researcher and thought leader on diversity and women’s issues-in the workplace, in politics and in between, Lauren’s book Crossing The Thinnest Line (Hachette, Sept 2016) argues diversity is THE most under-leveraged economic asset in the United States. She has co-authored a long list of...

  • Summit Backstage: Dan Reynolds

    Imagine Dragons lead singer, Dan Reynolds, talks about the Love Loud Fest and how the tech industry has changed the world of music backstage at Silicon Slopes Summit.

  • Summit Backstage: Shaun Neff

    Shaun Neff, founder of Neff Headwear, on building a successful brand and his 3 tips for success, backstage at Silicon Slopes Summit.

  • Summit Backstage: Jeremy Andrus

    Catch the backstage interviews with some of the biggest names at Summit. We are kicking things off with Traeger CEO, Jeremy Andrus. He talks about going public during the pandemic and tells about the early days of Traeger.

  • Summit Backstage: Gail Miller

    Gail Miller on her legacy with the Utah Jazz and what it takes to be a successful leader, backstage at Silicon Slopes Summit.

  • Summit Backstage: Chris Kemp

    Astra CEO, Chris Kemp, talks about launching stuff into space and the latest in space tech backstage at Silicon Slopes Summit.

  • Summit Backstage: Stephenie Larsen

    Stephenie Larsen, Encircle CEO, talks about building a safe space for LBGTQ youth backstage at Silicon Slopes Summit.

  • Summit Backstage: Dwyane Wade & Ryan Smith

    Utah Jazz owners, Ryan Smith and Dwyane Wade, talk about putting Utah on the map from tech to sports to culture backstage at Silicon Slopes Summit.