We've made it to another week. One that will be interesting, no doubt. There's news and drama afoot. Might I make a recommendation? Tune out the noise. We get roughly four thousand weeks in life; spending one opining on matters out of our control seems frivolous.

It often takes a tragedy or near-death experience for our world to shrink down to the people, events, and accomplishments that matter most. I'm not sure why. Maybe we get so caught up in our past successes and failures we allow the unimportant to define us over time. My working theory is we simply forget. The mundane, habitual succession of life grinds us down to the bone. We get lost in to-do lists, calendars/scheduling conflicts, and trying to get ahead. We start searching for a larger audience to convince we're important to further validate our existence.

What might happen if we focused on the world we interact and live in daily instead of the one portrayed to us on social media or the news?

OPEC+ Weighs In: Oil prices have surged following OPEC's unexpected production cuts, with analysts warning that prices could reach $100 per barrel. The decision has raised concerns about potential inflation and global economic impact. - CNBC

Tech Holds: The S&P 500's resilience during the banking crisis can be largely attributed to the strong performance of technology stocks. Tech companies have bolstered the index, preventing a more significant decline in the face of banking sector struggles. - WSJ

Live Combat: Endeavor Group Holdings, a global entertainment company, has acquired both WWE and UFC, further expanding its presence in the sports and live events industry. The acquisitions aim to leverage the popular combat sports brands and boost their global reach. - NYT

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Biden Bailout: The Biden administration is considering a bailout for financially struggling blue states and cities, which could help address their pension liabilities and underwater rates. This move will set a dangerous precedent and reward fiscal mismanagement. - Allysia Finley, WSJ

Misguided Attack: The potential ban of TikTok in the U.S. has sparked a debate over free speech, with critics arguing that the ban undermines democratic values. The issues are overblown. - Zachary Karabell, POLITICO

Ever Onward: Halting AI development is a misguided idea, as it risks stalling innovation and allowing other countries to dominate the technology landscape. Instead, a focus on ethical guidelines and regulations can help ensure responsible AI advancement. - Spencer Ante, Fast Company

How One Entrepreneur's Rollercoaster Ride Transformed the Digital News Landscape

A surprising diagnosis and unwavering ambition led to the birth of a digital news giant.

Insurance Under Pressure: Climate change and an increasingly interconnected world are posing new challenges to the insurance industry. Insurers must develop novel risk models and insurance products to respond effectively to emerging threats and opportunities. - Enrico Colombatto, GIS

Which Banks Are Next? The regional distribution of the Federal Reserve's lending to banks reveals significant variations, with some areas receiving more financial support than others. This uneven distribution underscores the importance of understanding regional economic conditions and their impact on the overall financial system. - Fisher Investments

Pessimistic Finances: Why Americans are so concerned about their finances and what to do about it. - Catherine Rampell, Washington Post

A Guide to Understanding the Hoax of the Century

A must-read by Jacob Siegel at Tablet Magazine on the subject of disinformation, the U.S. government's "anti-disinformation" industry, and the role Big Tech and corporate media play in the fight to control the internet.

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