December 16, 2014
The 5 Best Leadership Articles Of 2014

We’ve compiled our top five most popular leadership articles over the past year. Check out which of’s articles our readers thought were the most relevant and meaningful throughout 2014.

The One Attribute All “Servant Leaders” Have In Common

Gratitude is one of the most important attributes of a servant leader, argues Dan Veitkus. Adopting an “attitude of gratitude” is the most compelling leadership trait of a servant leader. Gratitude helps leaders remember that many people stood behind them and helped contribute to any one person’s success.

9 Ways To Dramatically Improve Your Presentations And Speeches

Jeff Haden shares nine tips to help make your next presentation and speech a crowd pleaser. When giving a presentation, your main goal should be to tell a story that will inspire your audience and encourage them to then share what they’ve learned with other people. Remember to tell stories, connect with your audience and be personal.

5 Ways To Truly Change Your Management Style

The time has come for a leadership transformation in the way management treats their employees. Colin Baird examines the root causes of five typical management failures, and offers solutions on how to mend your organization’s health. Remember that your employees are your greatest assets, so it’s important to understand the company culture your management style creates.

10 Quotes On Leadership From Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg took on an executive roll at the age of 19 without any previous leadership training. Over time, he has developed a management strategy at Facebook that any company would envy. These ten leadership quotes from Zuck himself prove that he knows what he’s doing at Facebook’s helm.

Cultivate An ‘Employee First’ Attitude

The traditional dynamic of hierarchical organizations has been replaced by the new dynamic of partnering and serving. Ron Thomas points out that employees are a company’s biggest assets, and should be treated more as partners in work than mere staff members. Happy employees are key to having a successful company, and your organization has the ability to change how it does business with its own people.

You have the ability to be an effective leader in all aspects of your life. Use these insights to help set your leadership goals for the New Year.