Which News Publications Are CEO Favorites?

DATE: April 16, 2013

With so many places to turn to for business news, CEOs exhibit favoritism. News sources that remain relevant, credible and easily consumable, especially through tough economic times, are the ones that surface at the top of the CEO’s list.

The word cloud below reflects CEOs’ most preferred news providers, now and a decade ago. Faded sources have fallen off the list, black sources have remained popular, and blue sources are newcomers. The larger the logo, the more popular the response.

By far, the gold standard in business was and continues to be The Wall Street Journal, though now skewed more toward the online version than printed newspapers. Other veteran brands that made the list include The New York Times, BBC and Bloomberg Businessweek.

Magazine-specific publications such as Forbes and HBR are new to this list of favorites, in addition to social sources of news like Twitter and Flipboard that largely represent an up-and-coming generation of CEOs. And when it comes to life outside of meetings and mergers, ESPN still reigns as CEOs’ top choice for entertainment news.


How have your top news sources changed over time?