10 Big-Company CEOs Who Tweet (And What They Tweet About)

DATE: August 2, 2012

With so many CEOs reluctant to jump into Twitter, we thought it might be nice to point out a few chief executives who really know how to use it. Here are ten FORTUNE 500® CEOs who have learned how to wield the power of one of the world’s largest social media networks.

Michael Dell (Dell)

Michael Dell 

With a Klout score of 69, Michael Dell has much more social influence than most CEOs.  He’s been on Twitter a long time and has nailed just the right mix of business and entertainment. Also, it’s always fun to see him rip on the competition.

Here’s a classic exchange between Dell and HP when the latter announced it was leaving the PC business:

Jack Salzwedel


Jeffory Joerres (ManpowerGroup)

Jeff Joerres 

One of the first Fortune 500 CEOs to join Twitter, Jeffory Joerres learned early on how to promote his company to potential clients and hires.

Joerres mostly uses his Twitter account to relay interesting statistics on jobs and the economy. By sharing this information, he helps reinforce his company’s position as an expert in the nation’s employment market.

Jeff Joerres

Gregory Brown (Motorola Solutions)

Greg Brown 

Gregory Brown has been very careful to stay professional in the Twittersphere. That’s not to say he doesn’t tweet anything personal, though. He has many tweets about his family, current events and sports (apparently he’s a huge Chicago Bulls fan), yet he maintains a positive and respectful tone with every word he types.  Here are three consecutive tweets:

Greg Brown

He’s mastered the balance.

Craig R Herkert (Supervalu)

Craig Kerkert 

Okay, so Craig Herkert is not the most exciting tweeter in the world.  He tweets only a couple times a month, and those are usually just promotional tweets about his company.

Perhaps his most exciting tweet was declaring to the world that fruit cups were available at an Albertsons grocery store in Santa Barbara:

Jeff Joerres

Too bad Craig Herkert was ousted this week.

Marissa Mayer (Yahoo!)

Marissa Mayer 

Though she may be new to Yahoo, Marissa Mayer is certainly no stranger to Twitter.  Tweeting since 2008, she might be the most Twitter-savvy F500 CEO on the network.  Good thing, too — think of how many more people Mayer was able to reach on her big day because she already had a Twitter following in place:

Marissa Mayer

Omar Ishrak (Medtronic)

Omar Ishrak 

Omar Ishrak loves tweeting about all his international meetings. More importantly, though, Ishrak has mastered the ability to reach out to individual customers when they have a problem – something many CEOs tend to ignore. Here’s a great example:

Jeff Joerres

He acknowledged the customer, made his response succinct, and committed to taking a specific action aimed at helping resolve the customer’s concern.

Michael Rapino (Live Nation)


Michael Rapino does a great job being social and makes his company tweets interesting. Then again, it probably helps that his business promotes concerts and entertainers. How many Fortune 500 CEOs tweet about Madonna twice in the same week?

Michael Rapino

Jack Salzwedel (American Family Mutual Insurance Group)

Jack Salzwedel 

Jack Salzwedel is probably the model CEO when it comes to Twitter. He tweets multiple times a day, but not to the point where he becomes annoying.

His tweets aren’t just about insurance, either (we know you’re disappointed). Salzwedel shares his thoughts about sports, politics, and everything in-between. He does an excellent job keeping up with hot topics like this one:

Jack Salzwedel

He has good taste.

Mark Bertoloni (Aetna)

Mark Bertoloni 

One great thing Mark Bertolini has going for him is understanding how to interact. Almost every tweet is @ somebody (almost too many), indicating he places value on questions from customers.  He’s also not afraid to speak his mind when it comes to health care:


Bertolini understands the unique value of social media is the opportunity for two-way communication.

Rupert Murdoch (News Corp.)

Rupert Murdoch 

Rupert Murdoch has skyrocketed to the top of the Twitter world since he joined nearly six months ago, gaining an average of 1292.5 followers per day. How does he do it? Well, among other things, he makes fun of people.  Here are some of his most recent controversial tweets:

Rupert Murdoch

Seems almost impossible to have a civilized debate on Twitter, doesn’t it?