Chart: Are CEOs More Social Than Last Year?

DATE: August 7, 2013

According to our new Social CEO Report, 68 percent of Fortune 500© CEOs have absolutely no presence on any of the major social networks. Last year, that number was 70 percent.

While we wouldn’t exactly call this a colossal shift, perspectives on social media are beginning to change among the leaders of the largest companies in America.

So which social networks are getting the most attention this year?



Not dissimilar from last year, LinkedIn is dominating without question, and Google Plus remains the kid CEOs pick last for their team.

We are declaring Facebook stagnant this year, notably the only network actually losing CEOs—but the network is still very alive and well, so we’ll cut it some slack.

And while it doesn’t have as many CEO profiles as LinkedIn or Facebook, Twitter is the big champion of 2013 in terms of growth.

What makes Twitter’s growth especially impressive is that this network generally requires more public-facing engagement. While other networks are sometimes managed by a CEO’s marketing team, Twitter is often straight from the CEO, making it much more personal—and a lot more risky.

To see which CEOs are using what, as well as what kind of activity and engagement these chief executives are getting on each social network, take a look at our full report.