Presented by ETW Logo EXECUTE™, powered by ETW™, is an exclusive MasterMIND™ for high-performing leaders ready to progress to the next level. Developed by Lee Benson over his 40-year career building and successfully exiting multiple high-growth companies, Benson created EXECUTE™ to avoid the superficial and overly process-driven pitfalls of many existing peer advisory groups.

“Lee has built the best business management system I've ever seen.”

- Jack Welch, former Chairman and CEO of General Electric

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Why choose a EXECUTE™ MasterMIND™?

We limit each group to eight carefully curated members, ensuring a depth and understanding of each organization that traditional masterminds cannot match. Our robust vetting ensures that each member contributes knowledge and expertise that advances the group's collective wisdom.

Each EXECUTE™ member is a high-performing, growth-minded leader willing to hold themselves and the group accountable to their commitments. Execute to Win (ETW) uses its unique and proprietary MIND Methodology™ to provide the structure that accelerates results.

How do EXECUTE™ MasterMINDs work?

  1. Monthly Meetings: 6.5 hours of insights, solutions, and results expertly led by an EXECUTE™
  2. Dive Deep: Every two months, we dive deep into each organization.
  3. With insights from the group, we'll tackle bottlenecks head-on and devise growth strategies that deliver results.
  4. Action-Oriented: Words are good, but actions are better.
  5. Commitments are documented, and outcomes are evaluated for future results.
  6. MIND Platform: The exclusive MIND Platform captures each organization's Most Important Number™ and the essential drivers to hit it.
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What makes EXECUTE™ unique?

Lee Benson is a forty-year veteran of numerous peer advisory groups. He believes most of these groups initially bring value but quickly become superficial and process-obsessed. Capitalizing on his MIND Methodology, Lee crafted EXECUTE™, a MasterMIND™ that never loses sight of what truly matters - relentless improvement of what's most important.

Are You A
Good Fit?

A key attribute of EXECUTE™ is the careful curation of each group to ensure a supportive and uplifting community. You are a good fit if you:

  • Are in high-growth mode relative to your industry and looking to accelerate even more in your organization and community.
  • Have a genuine desire to grow personally and professionally by leaning in to help and learn from others.
  • Love productively collaborating to create value and build on ideas with others.
  • You are open to group accountability to create even greater value than you otherwise would on your own.
  • You believe that as a leader, your primary responsibility is to increase the value of your organization.
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