Look At These CEO Movember Mustaches


DATE: November 29, 2012

Mustaches are not for faint of heart.

Those who attempt it often pull an Alex Trebek and retreat back to the safety zone when times get tough.

And with November coming to a close, we thought we should pay tribute to “Movember” — the one time of year when mustaches are upheld and celebrated as symbols of male cancer awareness.  So whether you are one of the “Mo Bros” or just a man who refuses to leave 1972, this list is for you.

These are the CEOs who can take the heat.
The stalwarts of stache.
The princes of push broom.
The riskers of whisker.
The masters of mouth-brow.

These are the way-pavers of flavor savers.

Andrew Liveris (Dow Chemical)


Andrew Liveris wears a mustache of commitment and determination. This is no frivolous frolic in the field of facial hair. Nay. This is a mustache mission statement.

Dieter Zetsche (Daimler AG)

Dieter Zetsche

If you can grow a pure and undefiled piece of art such as this, then all your troubles will melt away. That is a promise.

Raymond Elliott (Boston Scientific)

Raymond Elliott

For those like Raymond Elliott who prefer just a light snack instead of a feast in facial hair, we recommend the mustachios.

Chase Carey (News Corp)

Chase Carey Image: Via The Australian

Okay, he’s actually COO, but how could we not put that hairy goodness on the list?

Brian Duperreault (Marsh & McLennan)


Yes, you can grow a mustache just like Brian Duperreault’s, but you will never have a name that is that fun to say out loud.

John Dionisio (AECOM Technology)

John Dionisio

Ah, yes, John Dionisio. With a silver shine on top and a business brown on bottom he brings the luxury back to lip hair. Business never mixed so well with pleasure.

Shahid Khan (Jacksonville Jaguars)

Shahid KhanImage: Post Gazette

Every thousand years or so, a mustache comes along and gives the world the strength to keep on moving.  Thank you, Shahid Khan. Thank you.

Adam Garone (Movember)

Adam Garone

And here’s Adam Garone, the man who started it all. He’s the Magnum P.I. of all manly staches.

Do the rest of you have what it takes to be a Mo Bro? That is a question all of us mustache ourselves.