February 1, 2013
CEO Blitzes Super Bowl With Social

Social media has introduced a turning point for advertisers with their sights set on Super Bowl Sunday.

Bloomberg sat down with Michael Roth, CEO of Interpublic Group, to discuss the social disruption. Interpublic Group is the global marketing provider responsible for several Super Bowl commercials this year including Volkswagen, GoDaddy, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut.

According to Roth, social media is a game changer that calls for an integrated social strategy that is “all about engagement.”

To get the most social ROI—visibility, exposure, discussion and involvement—out of limited screen time, more and more companies have begun pre-releasing their Super Bowl ads. With some of Roth’s ads having millions of views already, it’s a strategy that seems to be going well.

“The more engagement you can muster, that’s good for the brand,” said Roth in an interview with Bloomberg this morning. “By pre-releasing, you get all this excitement. You get participation. And it doesn’t turn off people watching it. You know, most people actually watch the Super Bowl to watch the advertising, not the game itself.”

And the success of pre-released commercials is just a preview of the real exposure. With at least 111 million viewers in the U.S. and 160 million worldwide, Super Bowl commercial time is perhaps one of the most coveted realms in advertising. And Roth says the $4 million price tag for just 30 seconds is well worth the money.

“The exposure you’ll get from an ad on the Super Bowl can’t be compared to anywhere else. There’s no other place to get that. That’s a lot of friending on Facebook to get that kind of exposure.”