Charticle: What Forms Of Media Do CEOs Prefer?

DATE: April 10, 2013

Life in the corner office is increasingly digital. According to our new survey on information consumption, almost nine out of 10 CEOs go online to get business information on a daily basis. Yet, when it comes to serving up this information, CEO responses varied as to which formats most tickle their fancy.

The graphic above shows that, when forced to choose just one format, almost 60 percent of CEOs went with a text-based offering. However, when asked whether they in fact prefer text to all other formats, 86 percent disagreed.

So while text holds its weight as a dependable favorite for getting the facts, don’t rule out other promising formats. CEOs don’t consider text to be hands-down the best way to consume all kinds of information. In fact, almost a quarter of surveyed CEOs said they had no preference.

All formats have unique roles, and CEOs are still discovering which niches they like best. For right now, CEOs are happy as long as information comes quick and easy to consume.


How do you prefer to get your business information? What’s most important to you?