Comedian and Actress Anjelah Johnson-Reyes

Anjelah Johnson-Reyes, a comedian and actress, recounts her journey from her first real standup show on the Queen Mary to becoming a major touring comedian in America, emphasizing the rejections and insecurities she faced along the way.

Author Liz Wiseman

Liz Wiseman suggests that creating a work environment of "safety and stretch" which balances comfort with challenge and encourages respectful, productive conversations can enhance workplace morale and stimulate creativity among teams.

LEO Co-Founders Carlos Salaff and Pete Bitar

Carlos Salaff and Pete Bitar, founders of venture-backed startup LEO Flight, are pushing the boundaries of transportation by developing a "crossover vehicle" that can fly like a small aircraft, take off vertically with the agility of a quadcopter, and drive on roads like a car.

All In Together CEO Lauren Leader

Lauren Leader on how the lack of infrastructure for women-identifying citizens was amplified during the global pandemic, highlighting the challenges and disparities faced when accessing quality childcare, technology, and venture capital opportunities.

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