LEO Co-Founders Carlos Salaff and Pete Bitar

Carlos Salaff and Pete Bitar, founders of venture-backed startup LEO Flight, are pushing the boundaries of transportation by developing a "crossover vehicle" that can fly like a small aircraft, take off vertically with the agility of a quadcopter, and drive on roads like a car.

All In Together CEO Lauren Leader

Lauren Leader on how the lack of infrastructure for women-identifying citizens was amplified during the global pandemic, highlighting the challenges and disparities faced when accessing quality childcare, technology, and venture capital opportunities.

Simplus CEO Ryan Westwood

Ryan Westwood is a leader respected in the field of entrepreneurship due to his ability to move from dream to reality and use the journey to propel others forward, understanding that success is not about oneself.

Stance CEO Jeff Kearl

Jeff Kearl has used lessons in the venture capital world to launch three of his own companies, Logoworks, Skullcandy, and Stance Socks, which have experienced tremendous success, and now he is applying these lessons to help back the next generation of entrepreneurs as a venture capitalist.

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