F-16 fighter pilot, author, and leadership authority Rob Shallenberger on living life by design

Rob Shallenberger talks to Clint Betts about what he learned about leadership from the high-performance fighter pilot world and what he means by “Do What Matters Most.”

The secret to building a successful business in the food industry with co-founder of Savory Fund Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith, co-founder of and managing director of Savory Fund, on the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, how he went from building a tech company to a restaurant empire, and what it takes to create a concept that resonates with customers and drives revenue growth.

Entrepreneurship should be fun with Scott Paul

Scott Paul doesn't take himself too seriously, but his passion for entrepreneurs and startups is plenty serious. In this wide-ranging interview, Scott and Clint talk about crypto, Elon Musk, investing, mental health, and a whole bunch of other things.

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