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  • Broadcom CEO On $121 Billion Qualcomm Bid: ‘You...
    CNBC - Feb 12
    Broadcom CEO Hock Tan, days ahead of talks with Qualcomm for a $121 billion takover, insists he's a "frugal guy." The rival chipmakers are scheduled to sit down Wednesday to negotiate Broadcom's latest buyout bid of... Read »
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    Editor's Note: The following is adapted from Start a Successful Business: Expert Advice to Take Your Startup From Idea to Empire, published this month by Inc. Media and Amacom, a division of the American Management... Read »
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  • After One Year Of Trump, Google CEO Sundar Pichai...
    Business Insider - Jan 19
    Almost exactly one year ago, Google CEO Sundar Pichai stood in front of cheering employeesvowing to "stand together" and "never compromise" in opposing the Trump administration's travel ban. On Friday, Pichai spoke out... Read »
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  • Five Metrics Every SaaS CEO Should Eat For Breakfast
    Forbes - Jan 17
    We have Salesforce to thank for catapulting the SaaS (Software as a Service) business model into the limelight. The sweeping success of Marc Benioff and his team has inspired a new generation of subscription-based products... Read »
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    Forbes - Jan 16
    Is it possible to be too focused on goal setting? John Parker joined Amway in 1993, as a distributor relations sales manager, and he quickly advanced through the organization. Today he's chief sales officer for Amway, and... Read »
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    There are several things you should always articulate to a hiring manager in an interview. But here's the one that matters the most: Your Workplace Persona = How to Justify Your Salary Your workplace persona is how... Read »
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  • Overstock’s CEO Launches New Trading Platform And...
    TechCrunch - Dec 19
    Few mainstream business leaders have taken to the blockchain quite like Patrick Byrne. The founder of Overstock.com has been accepting Bitcoin since 2014 and has been talking about disrupting the payments world with... Read »
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  • You (And Your CEO) Should Be Using Twitter Like This
    Forbes - Dec 18
    Pret's CEO, Clive Schlee, has a problem. UK folks aren't using recyclable cups in the volumes he'd like. This is bad for the planet and bad for Pret because that costs him money. In November*, Clive asked a question on... Read »
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  • CSX Stock Tumbles After Death Of CEO Hunter Harrison,...
    CNBC - Dec 18
    Shares of CSX Corporation fell 2 percent in premarket trading Monday in the wake of CEO and railroad turnaround specialist Hunter Harrison's passing on Saturday. The executive was renowned in the industry for his ability... Read »
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  • Bringing People Together At The Box Office
    Fortune - Dec 11
    When senior managers at Regal Entertainment Group heard the story of Owen Suskind, a young man on the autism spectrum who learned to communicate by watching Disney movies, their response was immediate: “We have a place for... Read »
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  • Former PhotoBox CEO Stan Laurent Joins Highland...
    TechCrunch - Nov 13
    Operating experience is something that almost every European VC firm likes to talk up these days, as the region’s venture capital industry tries to shed its investment banker image of yesteryear. However, there’s no... Read »
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  • Teva’s CEO Was $2.8 Billion Down On His Second...
    Bloomberg - Nov 3
    Days into his new job as CEO of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Kare Schultz is already $2.8 billion in the hole. Shareholders shaved that much off the company’s market value after the world’s largest maker... Read »
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  • REI CEO Slams Retailers Like Macy’s And Walmart...
    Business Insider - Oct 30
    REI is staying shut on Black Friday for the third year in a row. And, while CEO Jerry Stritzke says that originally the decision was a moral one, it's also great for the outdoor company's business. "You don't win... Read »
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