• Weird Things Andrew Mason Did
    Business Insider - Mar 1
    Groupon established itself early on as a quirky, humorous company, and it seems to stem from Mason's own personality. Read »
    4 years ago
  • The Rise And Fall Of Andrew Mason
    Time - Mar 1
    Groupon fired its charismatic CEO Andrew Mason on Thursday after a tumultuous tenure pockmarked by accounting gaffes, sophomoric stunts, and a whopping 77% decline in the company’s share price. Read »
    4 years ago
  • Firing Andrew Mason Won’t Save Groupon
    Businessweek - Mar 1
    Even if employees are working together beautifully and doing amazing things, as their former boss suggests, that doesn’t change the reality that Groupon’s problems probably stem as much from its business model as from... Read »
    4 years ago
  • Andrew Mason’s Not-So-Greatest Moments
    Forbes - Mar 1
    Time and again, Mason, now 32, has made headlines not for his surehanded stewardship of Groupon but for acting like he’d rather be writing for “Saturday Night Live.” Here are a few moments he probably wish he had back: Read »
    4 years ago
  • Groupon Just Fired Andrew Mason
    WSJ - Feb 28
    In a press release disclosed after the closing bell, the struggling daily-deals operator announced a leadership change in which Executive Chairman Eric Lefkofsky and Vice Chairman Ted Leonsis will both replace Mason on an... Read »
    4 years ago
  • Andrew Mason Might Get The Boot After This
    Business Insider - Feb 27
    Until today's earnings announcement, things were looking good for Andrew Mason, the founder and CEO of Groupon. Read »
    4 years ago
  • Groupon CEO Unleashes Rant On Mayonnaise
    Forbes - Feb 14
    Move over, Rupert Murdoch! Groupon’s 32-year-old CEO, Andrew Mason, has just used his Twitter account to unleash the sort of angry tirade that corporate bosses hardly ever show, unscripted, in public. Read »
    4 years ago
  • Really Though, Andrew Mason Might Lose His Job
    Businessweek - Jan 14
    Groupon shares have fallen over 70 percent since 2011. The company’s now valued at less than half what Google offered for it in 2010. Read »
    5 years ago
  • More Boards Are Standing Behind CEOs Under Fire
    WSJ - Dec 19
    When the chief executive comes under fire, corporate boards are increasingly proclaiming their support for the embattled leader—even though the endorsement might be short-lived. Read »
    5 years ago
  • Worst CEOs of 2012: Dishonorable Mention
    Tuck School of Business - Dec 18
    There were two prominent CEOs that did not have good years at all, but for different reasons, just missing out on making the list: Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Andrew Mason of Groupon. Read »
    5 years ago
  • Groupon CEO Stays, Investors Leave
    Reuters - Nov 30
    Groupon Inc's shares fell more than 10 percent, a day after the online daily deals company's board backed founder-CEO Andrew Mason, disappointing investors who hoped for a leadership change. Read »
    5 years ago
  • Andrew Mason Lives To See Another Day
    Reuters - Nov 29
    Andrew Mason will remain CEO of Groupon, a company spokesman said on Thursday after the company's board met to debate the performance of the daily deal company's co-founder. Read »
    5 years ago
  • Groupon CEO: ‘I’d Be The First Person To...
    WSJ - Nov 28
    Andrew Mason responded Wednesday to reports that the board is meeting to discuss his future, saying it would be “weird” for the company not to question his leadership amid a precipitous decline in stock price. Read »
    5 years ago
  • Andrew Mason On The Bubble As CEO Of Groupon?
    All Things D - Nov 27
    According to sources close to the situation, several board members of Groupon have been seriously discussing making major leadership changes at the Chicago-based daily deals company, including bringing in a more experienced... Read »
    5 years ago
  • Groupon CEO About To Break His Promise…
    Business Insider - Oct 11
    Groupon, once again, is attempting to dance down Madison Avenue with an ad agency. Read »
    5 years ago