• Bill Marriott And The Age Of The Everlasting Executive
    Washington Post - Jun 11
    He’s 82 now, but Bill Marriott can’t bring himself to completely walk away from the company that bears his name. On Tuesday, the octogenarian presided over the grand opening of the gleaming 1,175-room Marriott Marquis,... Read »
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  • Marriott’s New CEO Freshens Up Brand For...
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    Under Sorenson’s direction a new hotel will be built in China every month for the next three years. Read »
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  • What Eisenhower Taught Me About Decision-Making
    NYT - May 28
    Former C.E.O. of Marriott International, says a brief chat with President Eisenhower in 1954 taught him the importance of always asking others, “What do you think we should do?" Read »
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    Businessweek - Mar 16
    "The problem with most family companies is if they’re very successful, the children get a lot of money. When they get a lot of money, they don’t really want to work. A lot of people think that not working is a good life.... Read »
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