• Richard Branson Will Knee BA’s CEO In The Crotch
    Business Insider - Dec 20
    When Branson bet Walsh $1.6 million (to be paid to either company's employees) that Virgin would still exist in five years, Walsh proposed a knee to the groin instead of the money. Branson accepted. Read »
    5 years ago
  • Richard Branson Is Ticked Off Right Now
    TNT - Dec 22
    British Airways parent company International Airlines Group (IAG) has made a deal to buy troubled airline BMI from its competitor, the German airline Lufthansa. The deal has angered BA's main rival Virgin - Richard... Read »
    6 years ago
  • British Airways: Bullish as Airline Returns to Profit
    The Telegraph - May 4
    British Airways CEO Willie Walsh,  has attributed the airline's return to profit to restructure and taking advantage of improving economic environment. Read »
    6 years ago