• Stop Whining About CEO Pay. Artificial Intel Geniuses...
    Entrepreneur - Feb 14
    Finally, the planet’s busybodies can quit complaining about the unfairness of fat CEO pay packages. A new highly-paid individual worth envying has materialized: the artificial intelligence expert. As corporate CEOs... Read »
    9 months ago
  • Liberal-Leaning Boards Are Stingy With CEO Pay, Study...
    WSJ - Sep 26
    Corporate directors with left-leaning political views turn out to be conservative when it comes to paying the chief executive. That’s according to a new study of the connection between political views of board members and... Read »
    1 year ago
  • Hillary Clinton Misuses Stat On CEO Pay
    HuffPo - May 21
    Hillary Clinton said the “average American CEO” makes 300 times more than the typical worker, but she was referring to a study that looked at pay disparity between CEOs and average workers only at the top 350 companies... Read »
    2 years ago
  • CEO Pay Was Up Yet Again Last Year
    Quartz - May 19
    CEO pay has been on the rise for years, and 2014 was no exception, particularly for CEOs in media, technology, and the pharmaceutical industry. Median pay among the top 200 highest paid CEOs of public US companies was $17.6... Read »
    2 years ago
  • Cisco Tops Profit Estimates On Crest Of CEO Transition
    Bloomberg - May 13
    Cisco Systems Inc. beat analysts’ estimates for fiscal third-quarter profit, a sign of stability as Chief Executive Officer John Chambers prepares to hand the reins to Chuck Robbins. Read »
    2 years ago
  • The Average CEO Now Makes More In A Day Than The...
    Mashable - May 13
    Chief executives of S&P 500 companies averaged $13.5 million in pay in 2014, or 373 times as much as the $36,000 salary earned by the average "technical and nonsupervisory worker" during the same time period, according to... Read »
    2 years ago
  • America’s Highest Paid Female CEOs (Infographic)
    Forbes - May 4
    According to a USA TODAY analysis of data from S&P Capital IQ and Bespoke Investment Group, Marissa Mayer is America’s best-paid female chief executive. The Yahoo YHOO -0.82% boss ranks seventh in terms of overall CEO pay,... Read »
    2 years ago
  • Aramark CEO Tops U.S. Executives With $800,000 Plane...
    Bloomberg - Apr 23
    Aramark, the biggest provider of food and beer at U.S. arenas, spent almost $800,000 last year flying around Chief Executive Officer Eric Foss, the largest amount for that benefit among the country’s 100 top-paid... Read »
    2 years ago
  • Raises For CEOs In Washington Are Among The Highest...
    Washington Post - Apr 16
    CEOs in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area have been getting some big raises. New data from ISS Corporate Solutions, a subsidiary of proxy adviser Institutional Shareholder Services that provides research to... Read »
    2 years ago
  • Maximum Wage: How Much CEOs Earn An Hour
    USA Today - Apr 7
    Getting paid $10-an-hour is a welcome lift for Walmart (WMT) and McDonald’s (MCD) workers. But compare that with what the average restaurant and retail CEOs earn. The 13 CEOs of a group of well-known retailers and... Read »
    2 years ago
  • “Unquestionable Greed”: The Startup CEO Who Stole...
    Ars Technica - Apr 2
    He'll serve prison time, but ex-Motionloft CEO Jon Mills got Mark Cuban to invest. Read »
    2 years ago
  • This Ex-CEO Quit His Million-Dollar Lifestyle To...
    NY Post - Apr 2
    In March, Google chief financial officer Patrick Pichette made headlines when he announced he was retiring to spend more time with his family. The news came as a surprise to most, but not to former tech CEO Bill Bumbernick,... Read »
    2 years ago
  • When CEOs Get A Pay Raise: Is There Any Rhyme Or...
    Fortune - Mar 25
    If you want to understand what’s really happening to CEO pay, you need to dig deeper than the headline figures. But even that doesn’t always explain the vagaries of executive compensation. Read »
    2 years ago
  • How To Fix The CEO Pay Problem
    HuffPo - Mar 12
    We’re doing CEO pay wrong. Incentive pay -- compensation based on verifiable performance measures like stock price -- is on the rise. It’s supposed to help align executives’ interests with those of shareholders.... Read »
    2 years ago
  • SEC Has Yet to Set Rule On Tricky Ratio of CEO’s...
    NYT - Jan 27
    Last week, we learned that Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, was paid $9.2 million for 2014. Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase made $20 million. The Starbucks chief Howard Schultz took home $21.5 million. And Viacom... Read »
    2 years ago