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    Forbes - Jan 6
    Two years ago, I reached a point where I was experiencing borderline burnout for several months. I was the director of the Pyxis consulting team and I was struggling to balance training sessions, clients, business... Read »
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  • Steve Wozniak Offers Four Pieces Of Advice For...
    Entrepreneur - Dec 13
    In November, Steve Wozniak, famous Apple co-founder and sidekick of Steve Jobs, had a fireside chat with Nextiva co-founder and CEO Tomas Gorny at the final session of NextCon in Scottsdale, Arizona. During that... Read »
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  • What The Latest Global DDoS Attack Means For...
    Forbes - Oct 24
    It’s funny how easy it is to take things, such as the ability to quickly and easily access the internet, for granted. Many of us were reminded of that on Friday when a massive DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack... Read »
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  • Ways To Get Going Again After You’ve Survived A...
    Entrepreneur - Oct 12
    As an entrepreneur, you’re no stranger to setbacks. You’ve developed ways of coping with disappointment and reversal. But not all setbacks are created equal. Sooner or later, you might run into a problem that... Read »
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  • What Do You Owe Your First Employees?
    Entrepreneur - Sep 22
    The allure of joining a startup can be intoxicating. The dream of lucrative rewards associated with being in on the ground floor draw many people to smaller firms, where they are willing to take a smaller salary in exchange... Read »
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  • Should Smart Entrepreneurs Seek Smart Money?
    Forbes - Aug 25
    “Smart-Money” is a term used by smart money to describe itself. Mainly, it is used by Wall Street money managers to point out why the rest of the world is not so smart. In the world of venture financing, the smart-money... Read »
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  • Making The Leap Of Faith To Entrepreneurship
    Entrepreneur - Aug 23
    Having made the transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship nearly 20 years ago, I have lived and know first-hand the realities of what is required to find success and eventual significance. One thing is certain:... Read »
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  • This New Crop Of Entrepreneurs May Surprise You
    Entrepreneur - Aug 22
    When you think about the stereotypical startup founder, maybe you envision a young college kid building something in his or her dorm room. But more and more, senior citizens and baby boomers are staying in the workforce... Read »
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  • Six Ways Parenthood Prepares You To Be A CEO
    CEO.com - Aug 22
    As a mom of two, starting my own company seemed like a daunting task until I realized the many parallels between parenthood and entrepreneurship. Being a parent is a valuable role in its own right and one that teaches you a... Read »
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  • The Power Of Mentoring And Entrepreneurship
    Entrepreneur - May 16
    Rodney Walker is an amazing young man with an amazing entrepreneurial story summed up by the title of his upcoming book: A New Day One: Trauma, Grace, and a Young Man's Journey from Foster Care to Yale. Like many... Read »
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  • So Many Good Businesses Fail By Neglecting These Five...
    Entrepreneur - Jan 22
    Good ideas are hard to come by. When you hear the popular -- but somewhat questionable -- statistic that eight out of 10 businesses fail before the end of their second year, you have to wonder why. The easy leap is to... Read »
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  • Don’t Let The Loneliness Of Entrepreneurship...
    Entrepreneur - Jan 5
    It's lonely at the top. And that potentially could kill you. We all know how stress walks hand-in-hand, knuckles white, with entrepreneurship, because of the constant need to put out the fires in front of us.... Read »
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  • 11 Of The Best Business Books of 2015
    Switch & Shift - Dec 18
    YEC (Young Entrepreneur Council) surveyed some folks about the best business books they read this past year. Here are their recommendations. Read »
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  • Stretch Goals, Metrics And Entrepreneurship
    Inc - Nov 2
    Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why and Leaders Eat Last says the following: "The single best machine to measure trust is a human being. We haven't figured out a metric that works better than our own sorta, like,... Read »
    2 years ago
  • Things Innovative Entrepreneurs Do That You Don’t
    Forbes - May 5
    Being innovative makes you an asset because not only can you help to accelerate profit, but you offer ideas and products that are unique to you and the brand that you work with. Read »
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