• Is Your Company Innovating, Or Are You Only Seeing...
    CEO.com - Oct 4
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    1 year ago
  • Four Ways To Be More Effective At Execution
    HBR - May 23
    Most people recognize that execution is a critical skill and strive to perform it well, but they may a) underestimate how important it is to their career advancement or b) not realize that you can improve on execution... Read »
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  • Why Is It So Hard For Us To Admit Our Mistakes
    HBR - Mar 29
    Advice for how to gracefully handle mistakes often emphasizes 1) taking responsibility for the error, 2) presenting a plan for the remedy, and then 3) fixing what was wrong. Although these directions sound simple, they can... Read »
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  • Execution Without Measurement Is Hallucination
    Switch & Shift - Feb 24
    Around the globe and for decades now, business leaders have been embracing Thomas Edison’s adage to the letter. And it worked – until now. In recent years, indeed, many people have been playing the ‘blame game.’... Read »
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  • Five Ways To Launch A Company With Staying Power
    Entrepreneur - Feb 23
    What elements are required to develop a thriving company? That’s the question Scott Belsky -- Adobe’s vice president of products and co-founder of online portfolio startup Behance -- sought to answer recently in a lively... Read »
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  • Four Signs You’re A Great Founder But A Crappy...
    Fast Company - Feb 8
    It goes without saying that founders and CEOs both shoulder a lot of responsibility. And in many cases, the two roles are handled by the same person, especially in a startup's early years. As companies grow, it's pretty... Read »
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  • Strategy And Execution Are The Same Thing
    HBR - Jan 12
    In a recent article, Paul Leinwand, Cesare Mainardi, and Art Kleiner presented some survey findings underscoring the well-established fact that few leaders (only 8%, according to their study) are good at both creating good... Read »
    2 years ago
  • Why Smart Leaders Are Buffers And Translators
    CEO.com - Jan 11
    When visiting a foreign country, it helps to travel with someone who understands the local language and can translate essential information. Business is this way, too. We recently added a new banking client whose work... Read »
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    HBR - Dec 30
    In a 2013 survey of nearly 700 executives across a variety of industries, our firm asked respondents to rate the effectiveness of the top leaders of their companies. How many excelled at strategy? How many excelled at... Read »
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  • Don’t Let Your Company Get Trapped By Success
    HBR - Nov 20
    It’s harder to stay on top than to get there. For every Apple, there is an Atari, for every Fuji a Polaroid, and for every Zara an American Apparel. How can you avoid the seemingly inevitable and remain a profitably... Read »
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  • Forget Raw Speed And Focus On Corporate Endurance
    HBR - Apr 3
    In business life, CEOs incentivize and promote those senior executives who can get new ideas to market more quickly than competitors. But what if speed is the wrong measure for success? What if, instead of being fast, what... Read »
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  • Is Your Innovation Problem Really A Strategy Problem?
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    Sometimes, the problem that we think we’re solving isn’t the real problem that we face. Read »
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    CEO.com - Nov 15
    Strategies are meant to carry companies onwards and upwards to lofty performance and competitive advantage. Sadly, in the majority of firms, big and small, strategies are rarely delivered and often die a silent death on a... Read »
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  • How To Manage Biased People
    HBR - Oct 31
    By now it’s generally accepted that if senior leaders suffer from cognitive biases their decisions can severely undermine company performance. Yet, leaders are not the only members of organizations that exercise poor... Read »
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  • 3 Signs That You Should Kill An Innovative Idea
    HBR - Sep 24
    Whether you’re a digital start-up or an institutional entrepreneur, three simple heuristics offer an excellent way to determine whether a fledgling innovation initiative should be put out of its misery (and yours). Read »
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