• Mozilla Names Interim CEO
    c net - Apr 15
    Mozilla named former Chief Marketing Officer Chris Beard a board member and its new acting chief executive, as the nonprofit tries to move beyond a political firestorm and reconnect with the users critical to the success of... Read »
    3 years ago
  • Mozilla CEO: We’re Going Mobile
    WSJ - Apr 24
    All about Firefox OS, a mobile system software initiative similar to what Google is doing with the Chrome OS for the desktop. Read »
    4 years ago
  • Mozilla CEO: We Refuse To Bring Firefox To iOS…
    VentureBeat - Apr 15
    Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs spoke about why Firefox has not been released on iOS. Read »
    4 years ago
  • Mozilla CEO Is Stepping Down…
    TechCrunch - Apr 10
    Mozilla, the nonprofit organization behind Firefox, Firefox OS and other online tools, today announced that its CEO Gary Kovacs, who joined Mozilla in 2010, will step down “later this year.” The organization has already... Read »
    4 years ago
  • Now Mozilla Is Building A Firefox Smartphone
    Business Insider - Jul 2
    Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox web browser, is launching an open-source mobile operating system for smartphones. Read »
    5 years ago
  • What?! Google Just Saved Firefox
    Business Insider - Dec 20
    Google just cut a deal to be the default search engine in Mozilla's Firefox web browser for the next three years. The deal is a life-saver for Mozilla—84% of the company's revenue has come directly from a previous deal... Read »
    5 years ago
  • Mozilla Firefox CEO: Mobile Might Kill Us
    Fast Company - Oct 7
    As the world increasingly turns to mobile devices to access the web, Mozilla is in danger of getting left in the dust. Read »
    6 years ago