• How To Help Your Employees Get Heart Healthy
    Forbes - Feb 2
    Cardiovascular disease is your employees’ biggest health threat. In fact, according to the American Heart Association’s (AHA) "2016 Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics Update," heart disease and stroke are the No. 1 and... Read »
    11 months ago
  • Five Healthy Lifestyle Tips For On-The-Go CEOs
    CEO.com - Aug 11
    To say that your plate is full is an understatement. As CEO, your schedule is tightly packed with high-stress meetings, travel, and demands. A healthy lifestyle and balanced diet are luxuries at the bottom of your list. But... Read »
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  • Want To inspire Your Employees? Get Some Sleep
    Entrepreneur - Jul 5
    If you're getting a business off the ground, you may think that pulling all-nighters or always being on call will inspire confidence in your employees, but that lack of sleep really just makes you less of a charismatic... Read »
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    In my Forbes series The Insiders, I share the ins and outs of launching and scaling a small business, all through the chronological lens of our own experiences building VerbalizeIt. Through my own experiences and in... Read »
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  • 7 Tips For Staying Balanced In Business And Life
    Entrepreneur - Mar 25
    As an entrepreneur, one of the most important things you can do for your success is establish an effective life-business balance. When I started my business I ate, slept and breathed work. From my career as an athlete I... Read »
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    Every year around this time, people make resolutions to improve their lives and careers. The most common of these typically involve health-related goals such as quitting smoking or losing weight. The next most common might... Read »
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  • Samsung Chairman Recovering After Heart Attack
    NYT - May 12
    The chairman of Samsung Electronics, Lee Kun-hee, who helped transform the business into a technology giant, was in stable condition Sunday after suffering a heart attack, the company said. Mr. Lee, 72, was recovering at... Read »
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  • 20 Tips For High-Performing Business Leaders
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    On any given day, Evolution Trainers, a 10,000 square foot facility in Mountain View, Calif., is sprawling with members, three-quarters of whom are local tech employees, engineers, venture capitalists and M&A lawyers... Read »
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  • Google Flu Trends And The Limits Of Big Data
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    Google Flu Trends, once a poster child for the power of big-data analysis, seems to be under attack. Read »
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  • How Meditation Makes You A Better Entrepreneur
    Entrepreneur - Mar 18
    That’s the message I share with Hollywood hustlers and it’s the message I want to share with you now: meditation is the greatest tool that I know of to help you both harness and maximize your entrepreneurial spirit. And... Read »
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  • 6 Ways To Strengthen Your Willpower Muscle
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  • 10 Ways You Can Sleep Better
    CEO.com - Feb 26
    Running a business has many cool outcomes. Unfortunately a good night's sleep is not one of them, especially when you're overwhelmed or stressed — which could be most of the time. (Old joke: CEOs sleep like babies: they... Read »
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  • More Mindfulness, Less Meditation
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    Here’s the promise: Meditation – and mindfulness meditation, in particular – will reduce your cortisol level, blood pressure, social anxiety and depression. It will increase your immune response, resilience and focus... Read »
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