• 5 Essential Skills For Every Innovation Leader
    Business 2 Community - Feb 11
    Innovation leaders are faced with a very tough challenge, charged with both driving leadership in the traditional corporate sense, but also with facilitating internal innovation, or intrapreneurship, among their... Read »
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  • 6 Characteristics Of An Innovative Leader
    Entrepreneur - Jan 29
    At a pitch to the leaders of the merchandising department at a Fortune 500 company, I closed my presentation by asking the leader of the team, “What are you trying to solve for?” She didn’t know how to answer that.... Read »
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  • How To Make Strategic Thinking Part Of Your Job
    HBR - Oct 28
    It’s a common complaint among top executives: “I’m spending all my time managing trivial and tactical problems, and I don’t have time to get to the big-picture stuff.” And yet when I ask my executive clients, “If... Read »
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  • Managing Multiparty Innovation
    HBR - Oct 26
    On an October morning in 2015, inside an aging beer factory in the Tempelhof neighborhood of Berlin, a group of people assembled amid idle machinery in the hope of transforming their respective industries with a novel... Read »
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  • When Big Firms Are Most Likely To Innovate
    HBR - Oct 20
    Large, established companies get a bad rap for failing to be innovative. Conventional wisdom suggests that these firms are less likely to create path-breaking new technologies. Some argue this is because established firms... Read »
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  • Six Signs You’re Living In An Entrepreneurial...
    HBR - Oct 10
    In his landmark 1985 book, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, famed author and educator Peter Drucker wrote about an entrepreneurial society and its impact on economic development. “Entrepreneurship rests on a theory of... Read »
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  • Power Sheet: What CEOs Can Learn From A Squishy Robot
    Fortune - Aug 25
    Fortune 500 CEOs tell us that their No. 1 concern is the rapid pace of technological innovation, and today’s news illustrates why. Most CEOs and other leaders are accustomed to meeting challenges that demand a lot of... Read »
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  • Innovation: Are You Innovative Enough In Your Approach
    Switch & Shift - Aug 22
    Innovation has become the workout regimen of the business world. Companies all claim to do it, or like to believe they do, but, very few actually see results. It’s not the innovation or the exercise itself that fails to... Read »
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  • The Barriers Big Companies Face When They Try To Act...
    HBR - Aug 16
    It’d be hard to choose two words that feel less descriptive of life inside a large organization than “lean” and “startup.” And yet the lean startup methodology, born in Silicon Valley as a way for startups to... Read »
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  • How Agility Can Bring Innovation To Customers Faster
    Forbes - Aug 3
    When you think of John Deere DE +1.03%, you probably picture old-school machines tilling soil in the heartland or mowing a suburban lawn. But you might be surprised to learn that this 179-year-old, Illinois-based... Read »
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  • The Simple Way To Inspire Your Team To Achieve...
    Forbes - Jul 21
    One of the key things I learned during my time as a Navy SEAL at war was the importance of adaptation and innovation. I have learned that lesson many times over as an entrepreneur but often failed to lead innovative change... Read »
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  • How These Eight Founders Are Innovating Company...
    Entrepreneur - Jul 1
    Simon Sinek once wrote, “Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.” His quote is a reminder to all business leaders of the powerful effect of a thoughtful, intentional company culture. The... Read »
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  • Net Neutrality Rules Will Make Winners And Losers Out...
    HBR - Jun 28
    The internet is woven into the fabric of how businesses run and how we live our lives. And as this technology has grown, so have the complications with how we build, manage, and regulate it. This should sound familiar to... Read »
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  • Stop Saying Big Companies Can’t Innovate
    HBR - Jun 6
    Some business pundits today believe innovation ignites better in startups than in large, established corporations. They believe big companies are weighed down by their own success, too invested in the past to create and... Read »
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  • Do Startups Really Create Lots of Good Jobs?
    HBR - Jun 6
    Eskimos have 50 words for snow. Humans only use 10% of our brains. We hear these types of “facts” all the time — but are they true? Scientists are now saying, “Not so simple.” We have all seen how repetition of... Read »
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