• JCPenney’s CEO Used A High School Dating...
    Business Insider - Oct 28
    JCPenney has admitted where it went wrong — and how bad things got during an 18-month sales slump. "This company has had some difficult times in our recent history," CEO Marvin Ellison said at the WWD Apparel &... Read »
    2 years ago
  • J.C. Penney CEO Gets Huge Raise
    24/7 Wall Street - Mar 24
    According to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Ullman’s base salary for 2014 will be $1.5 million and his target incentive award for the year is 200% of his base salary. He also will receive... Read »
    3 years ago
  • J.C. Penney CEO Holiday Turnaround On Track
    Globe And Mail - Feb 4
    J.C. Penney Co Inc on Tuesday said comparable sales rose 2 per cent during the holiday quarter, reporting its first three-month period of growth in two years. Read »
    3 years ago
  • JCPenney CEO Invests $1M In Company Stock
    ABC - Nov 26
    J.C. Penney Mike Ullman seems confident the slumping retailer will bounce back during the holiday shopping season. Read »
    4 years ago
  • JCPenney CEO Says Retailer Is On The Right Path
    Dallas News - Nov 21
    J.C. Penney’s holiday plans are in place. It has some sales momentum going, and even though it reported a wider-than-expected third-quarter loss Wednesday, a forward-looking Wall Street didn’t punish it. Read »
    4 years ago
  • Warren Buffett On JC Penney’s Future
    CNBC - Oct 17
    Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway chairman & CEO, discusses the multiple connections Berkshire Hathaway has with JC Penney and the retailer's efforts to turnaround the company. Read »
    4 years ago
  • JCPenney CEO Ditches Logo Introduced By Johnson
    Ad Age - Oct 10
    J.C. Penney is reverting to its classic logo, in a move to appeal to loyal -- and likely lapsed -- customers. Read »
    4 years ago
  • The JC Penney Slump Is Permanent And Deadly
    24/7 Wall St. - May 8
    JC Penney traded up a little after the retailer gave details about results for its latest quarter. The investors who stepped in made a mistake. The data showed that J.C. Penney’s slump is permanent and deadly. Read »
    4 years ago
  • JCPenney Is Listening, And Getting A Huge Response
    Forbes - May 3
    JCPenney is asking for forgiveness, apologizing to shoppers via a new ad and asking for another chance. Read »
    4 years ago
  • 5 Branding Blunders Solved
    Entrepreneur - Apr 29
    Stumbles are expected in the startup stage. But when big brands mess up the spotlight on their failings is much less forgiving. Read »
    4 years ago
  • Ron Johnson: From Apple To JC Penney
    Bloomberg - Apr 9
    Cory Johnson reports on the ousting of Ron Johnson as JC Penney's CEO. Read »
    4 years ago
  • Lessons From JC Penney On Hiring A New CEO
    Forbes - Apr 4
    Many middle market companies fall down when the CEO tries to pass the baton to an outsider who is perceived to bring in badly needed “new blood.” Read »
    4 years ago
  • 10 Brands That Might Not Make It Through The Year
    Business Insider - Mar 25
    Several big mergers, acquisitions and bankruptcies will proceed through the courts this year, potentially leaving a trail of brands that are dead or irrelevant. Read »
    4 years ago
  • Ron Johnson Cut 24,000 More Jobs Than Stated
    Business Insider - Mar 21
    JC Penney reported 43,000 fewer employees than last year which is odd because CEO Ron Johnson said JCPenney had slashed 19,000 jobs since he took over while testifying under oath earlier this month. Read »
    4 years ago
  • Martha Shreds Her Old Pals (Including Oprah)
    NY Post - Mar 11
    Domestic diva Martha Stewart didn’t only allegedly stitch up Macy’s with her JCPenney deal, she also knifed her rivals, including Oprah Winfrey and Rosie O’Donnell, by banning them from doing business with the retail... Read »
    4 years ago