• Chevron CEO Says Global Warming Could Be Good For...
    Market Watch - May 25
    Chevron Corp. Chief Executive John Watson has a blunt message for investors, climate activists and anyone else listening: Fossil fuels aren’t going away. But this stance increasingly sets him apart from his oil... Read »
    1 year ago
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  • Pro Uncut: Chevron CEO Sees Oil Bottom
    CNBC - Mar 9
    John Watson, chairman and CEO of Chevron, shared his views on the energy market and oil prices in an exclusive interview with CNBC. "We think we'll be growing production into a rising market," Watson said Tuesday. He... Read »
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    Chevron CEO John Watson on Scotland’s independence vote, impact of geopolitics on business, and the U.S. oil export ban. Read »
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  • Chevron CEO Addresses Rising Oil Prices
    CNBC - Mar 12
    Chevron Chairman & CEO John Watson, discusses the costs of increasing oil price and how his company has had to cut back. Read »
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  • Activist Shareholders Want Chevron CEO Fired
    Forbes - May 28
    A day before Chevron shareholder meeting, environmental groups and and activists gathered for a conference call in Oakland to demand the firing of John Watson, the CEO Read »
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  • John Watson Sees High Oil Demand
    USA Today - Apr 17
    Chevron'sJohn Watson says the reasons prices are high are not likely to go away anytime soon. Read »
    5 years ago
  • Chevron CEO On Growth Strategy
    CNBC - Mar 15
    John Watson, Chevron chairman & CEO, says two big projects in Australia are expected to fuel the company's target of boosting production growth 20% by 2017. Read »
    5 years ago
  • Chevron CEO: Will SOMEONE Fix The Energy Policy?
    Wall Street Journal - Oct 19
    The U.S. needs to refashion its energy policy in order to boost the development of fossil fuels, in lieu of giving precedence to expensive and unproven alternative sources of energy, John Watson said. Read »
    6 years ago