• American Express CEO Says Company Addressing...
    WSJ - Mar 11
    American Express Co. wants to squeeze more out of its customers. The company on Thursday laid out a plan to boost sagging results with a focus on getting more out of its existing cardholders rather than attracting... Read »
    1 year ago
  • American Express Is Slashing 5,400 Jobs…
    Reuters - Jan 10
    American Express Co said it would cut about 5,400 jobs, and take about $600 million in after-tax charges in the fourth quarter, which will halve its net income for the period. Read »
    5 years ago
  • 12 CEOs Meet With Obama…
    Breitbart - Nov 15
    Twelve prominent CEOs, many of whom have warned against the dangers of raising taxes on those making over $250,000 and creating more economic uncertainty, met with President Barack Obama on Wednesday to discuss the looming... Read »
    5 years ago
  • Obama Brings In CEOs For Fiscal Cliff Talks
    Fortune - Nov 14
    President Obama will meet with some unusual potential allies Wednesday -- CEOs of some of the nation's biggest companies. Read »
    5 years ago
  • 4 Tips On Time Management From Awesome CEOs
    Wall Street Journal - Feb 14
    "The secret to work-life integration is to never back down and not to compromise and don't do stuff that you know you don't like. And that sounds very easy and it sounds like, 'Well you can say that because you're the CEO,'... Read »
    5 years ago
  • Obama Chats With GE, American Express CEO
    National Journal - Aug 25
    President Obama has tapped two leading CEOs for ideas as he prepares to deliver a major speech next month on job creation and deficit reduction. Read »
    6 years ago
  • Obama Names Chenault, Parsons To Jobs,...
    Bloomberg - Feb 23
    President Barack Obama named representatives from business and labor to his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, including Kenneth Chenault, chief executive officer of American Express. Read »
    6 years ago