• Five Steps To Help Yourself Recover From A Setback
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  • How To Cool Down A Heated Negotiation
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  • 5 Ways To Successfully Negotiate Anything
    Inc - Jun 4
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  • How To Negotiate Like Bill Gates
    Business Insider - May 12
    Entering a negotiation is a journey into the unknown — you have no idea how it will turn out. The uncertainty of bargaining can make even the most seasoned negotiator nervous. But you don't have to let the tension control... Read »
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  • The Trick To Getting What You Want When You Negotiate
    Time - Feb 26
    Conventional wisdom says that, in negotiations, it’s better to offer the other party a firm number rather than a range. The thinking is that a hiring manager who hears, “I want between $40,000 and $45,000″ will focus... Read »
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    Fast Company - Oct 7
    Recently, I interviewed a video production company owner who told me the starting salary for one position at her company is $65,000. As a shrewd business person, her opening offer to prospective hires is $60,000. Invariably,... Read »
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  • Creativity Is Your Best Negotiation Tactic
    Fast Company - Jun 26
    Ted Leonhardt always got the jitters before a big client meeting. It didn't matter that he ran a design firm with big name clients like Boeing and Charles Schwab, raking in $10 million a year in fee revenue. Closing a deal... Read »
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  • The Steve Jobs Emails That Show How To Negotiate
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