• To Recruit A Top Team, First Learn Your Weaknesses
    CEO.com - Sep 28
    Bad hires can bury your business. After I committed to a tech leader who didn’t fit the office culture and couldn’t deliver, my company faced its worst operating period in over 12 years. To cope with the slump, we cut... Read »
    1 year ago
  • Digital Strategies For Recruiting Top Talent
    Switch & Shift - Aug 16
    You believe in your company, your product, and your employees, and work hard to provide a positive work environment. However, it may be a challenge to promote your company’s culture and atmosphere to job candidates who... Read »
    1 year ago
  • Five Signs Your Company Is Clueless About Talent
    Forbes - Mar 11
    “Talent” has been a business buzzword for years. When I was a baby HR person in the 80s, nobody talked about “talent.” The business world stole that term from the entertainment world. “Talent” is a word we... Read »
    1 year ago
  • How To Attract Talent Via A Clear Hiring Process
    Entrepreneur - Feb 23
    More than half of employers surveyed in a study from CareerBuilder in 2015 acknowledged that finding qualified candidates had become more difficult over the previous five years. The clear takeaway was that the hiring... Read »
    1 year ago
  • Why Today Is The Most Popular Day Of The Year For Job...
    Washington Post - Jan 6
    Looking for a job online today? You likely have plenty of company. For the past two years, the number of searches on the online job board Monster has skyrocketed on the first Wednesday in January. The careers... Read »
    1 year ago
  • What It Really Takes To Attract Top Talent
    HBR - Nov 25
    Remember the phrase “employer of choice” from the dot-com boom? It was a period of ridiculously low unemployment, a time when companies struggled not just to find exactly the right talent at the right price — but to... Read »
    1 year ago
  • Making A Critical Hire? Here’s Why You Should...
    CEO.com - May 20
    Making a wrong hire at the senior management layer can cost the organization between $240,000-$840,000, as cited by various studies. Even at the low end of that range, that is an unnecessary and undesirable... Read »
    2 years ago
  • The Critical Hiring (Or Promotion) Factor Everyone...
    CEO.com - Dec 9
    Maybe qualifications are critical. Or experience. Or hard skills. Or soft skills. Or work ethic, or leadership ability or cultural fit. Of course it’s usually a combination. But here's another way to look at choosing... Read »
    2 years ago
  • Using Your Culture To Attract Top Talent
    Forbes - Oct 20
    Drab offices, deafening silence, draconian rules — these are the trademarks of stifling workplaces. And if your aspirational employees are working in this kind of environment, believe me, they won’t stay long. Read »
    3 years ago
  • Here’s Why This CEO Finds All Her Employees Through...
    Business Insider - Aug 28
    Rebekah Campbell, founder of social network start-up Posse, knows this conundrum well, as she explains in a column for the New York Times. "My problem was that the best candidates all had good positions and were not reading... Read »
    3 years ago
  • Employers Aren’t Just Whining – The Skills Gap Is...
    HBR - Aug 25
    Last year, 35% of 38,000 employers reported difficulty filling jobs due to lack of available talent; in the U.S., 39% of employers did. But the idea of a “skills gap” as identified in this and other surveys has been... Read »
    3 years ago
  • Why I Do All Of My Recruiting Through LinkedIn
    NYT - Aug 19
    Recruiting the right team member is always difficult. I start off knowing that I need someone to perform a task, and imagine what qualities that person might possess. How, in a sea of people, can I find my ideal... Read »
    3 years ago
  • Cultivate An ‘Employee First’ Attitude
    CEO.com - Jun 19
    “This is the most significant investment we’ve made in our partners since the introduction of Bean Stock.” I read that statement with interest the other day. Starbucks staff, referred to as “partners,” will now... Read »
    3 years ago
  • The Worst Hiring Mistake Any Company Can Make
    LinkedIn - Jun 11
    We've all hired people we knew would be superstars and turned out to be duds. And we've all failed to hire people who turned out to be superstars at another company. Big mistakes? Sure—but not the biggest. And definitely... Read »
    3 years ago
  • Zappos Killed The Job Posting – Should You?
    HBR - May 28
    Zappos is often out in front of new and unusual HR policies. It originated the “pay employees to quit” policy adopted by Amazon.com. And now, Zappos will abandon job postings, according to Stacy Donovan Zapar, Zappos’... Read »
    3 years ago