• The CEO Of Tech Giant VMware Gave Us His Best Advice...
    BusinessInsider - Mar 20
    Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Silicon Valley tech giant VMware, has a remarkable career history. He was born in Pennsylvania and grew up working on the family farm. "Our family raised dairy cows, pigs, soybeans, and sorghum,"... Read »
    10 months ago
  • Cisco CEO Reveals What Happened At The...
    Business Insider - Jan 19
    Chuck Robbins, the CEO of Cisco, attended US President-elect Donald Trump's tech summit last month at Trump Tower. Almost all of Silicon Valley's heavy hitters were there, including Apple CEO Tim Cook, Facebook COO Sheryl... Read »
    1 year ago
  • The 25-Year-Old CEO: Peter Thiel’s Chosen One...
    Forbes - Jan 4
    It's only six blocks from James Proud's office, a brick-walled converted bakery in San Francisco's Mission District, to Central Kitchen, a hip restaurant owned by fellow FORBES 30 Under 30 alum Thomas McNaughton, but that's... Read »
    1 year ago
  • HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Took A...
    Business Insider - Jun 28
    Part of the appeal of HBO's "Silicon Valley" is that it really tries to get the little details of the tech industry right, which may be why so many programmers and tech companies have embraced the show. But one zinger in... Read »
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  • ‘Silicon Valley’: When The CEO Gets Fired...
    CNBC - May 9
    What makes the HBO show "Silicon Valley" the definitive show on Silicon Valley start-up life is its clever use of authentic storylines in their plot narrative. In episode 3 of the new season, the show captures the often... Read »
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  • Silicon Valley Mourns Its ‘Coach,’ Former...
    Washington Post - Apr 19
    Just a month after former Intel CEO and chairman Andy Grove died, Silicon Valley has lost another legend. Bill Campbell, a former CEO and chairman of Intuit and a longtime Apple board member, has died, according to a... Read »
    1 year ago
  • A Photographer Captured Portraits Of Underrepresented...
    Business Insider - Apr 7
    Silicon Valley has a huge diversity problem. According to reports released by the largest tech companies last year, the stats are pretty dismal. Women hold only 18% of Google's tech jobs. Only 1% of Twitter employees... Read »
    1 year ago
  • Uber CEO Says China To Soon Surpass Silicon Valley In...
    Bloomberg - Jan 15
    Watch out, Silicon Valley. China’s out to eat your lunch. So says Travis Kalanick, the Silicon Valley pioneer who steered Uber Technologies Inc. to a larger valuation than four-fifths of the companies on the Standard... Read »
    2 years ago
  • What’s Eating Silicon Valley
    Quartz - Jan 14
    Like most people, I look up to and admire the heroes of Silicon Valley (the real ones, not the ones from the TV show). They’ve given rise to services (e.g., Google, Facebook, Uber, LinkedIn, Airbnb) that we use every day... Read »
    2 years ago
  • The Silicon Valley 100: The Coolest Leaders In Tech...
    Business Insider - Jun 25
    After months of research, debate, and more research, Business Insider is proud to present our annual Silicon Valley 100, the authoritative ranking of the people who matter most in Silicon Valley. The list covers people who... Read »
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  • Former Napster CEO’s Bid To End Homelessness In...
    Forbes - Jun 1
    Eileen Richardson had been involved in tech start-ups and venture capital for more than decade before deciding she needed a break. One day, not long into her sabbatical, she stopped by the Food Closet charity in downtown... Read »
    2 years ago
  • Self-Made Billionaires Thrive In Silicon Valley And...
    Forbes - Oct 7
    The wealthiest people in the country are increasingly self-made, leaving behind an era when dynasties inherited and concentrated wealth. Today, more than two-third of the Forbes 400 is made of individuals who made their way... Read »
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  • Is There A Cult Of Disruption In Silicon Valley?
    TechCrunch - Jun 20
    Disruption. From frenzied investment pitches on Sand Hill Road to the name of the top conference for startups in Silicon Valley (i.e. the people who pay my bills), that word has become synonymous with everything and everyone... Read »
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    It may be the epicenter of innovation, but Silicon Valley is also teeming with smart, wealthy bachelors. Read »
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    Every company may have a different leadership culture, but some patterns of behavior inspire people to perform and make a huge difference in the outcome. Here are some real-world lessons from deep in the trenches of... Read »
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