January 29, 2013
Marc Andreessen: BYOD Isn’t Going Anywhere

While it’s no news that the rising generation grew up on smartphones and touchscreens, businesses are finding new ways to take advantage of this upbringing.

“If you take a typical mainframe or, even these days, PC-based system and you give it to a 22-year-old college graduate, it’s like beaming in products out of the Stone Age,” described Marc Andreessen, in an interview with TechCrunch. “Why would you do that? Why would you force people to use all this old stuff?”

Instead, the popular Bring Your Own Device movement is moving companies toward encouraging employees to use the devices they already own rather than issue company laptops or phones. It’s an exciting new business model that eliminates hardware costs and makes for happier, more productive employees.

Of course, businesses will be expected to provide access support for these devices, but new enterprises are popping up to figure out how to do that for them. Split mobile billing applications, for example, can differentiate usage of work- and play-related activities and bill the business and user accordingly.

While some movements can seem superficial, Andreessen claims Bring Your Own Device and others relating to business technology aren’t going anywhere.

“Look, all of the products are going to keep getting better,” he claimed. “All of the trends that we are talking about are going to keep continuing. Nothing is going to stop consumerization of the enterprise. Nothing is going to stop Bring Your Own Device. Nothing is going to stop Software-as-a-Service. Nothing is going to stop cloud. All those things are just going to keep going.”