A 360° View Of the CEO

How are today’s CEOs stacking up? What do executives and employees say about their bosses behind closed doors?

To find out, we surveyed over 1,500 CEOs, executives and general employees to get a sense of how CEOs are viewed in the workplace – from every angle. Here’s a sneak peek at the findings:

  • 46% of executives admit to massaging data before presenting it to their CEO.
  • Executives said that fear is the #1 motivation tool of their CEOs.
  • More than 1 out of 3 of CEOs felt they make less than their fair share.
  • CEOs agree that their biggest priority is to motivate and inspire the company.

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About the 360° View Of The CEO Report

This report is meant to provide a rare glimpse at the state of today’s chief executive officer. Over 1500 CEOs, executives and general employees were surveyed to determine which qualities make for the ideal leader, whether CEO priorities stack up and how CEOs communicate with their companies.

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