No matter where I am, I can’t shake the feeling I should be somewhere else. It’s a never-ending struggle. I know whatever I’m doing is important (otherwise, I wouldn’t have carved out time for it), but I can’t stop my brain from thinking about the important things I’m not doing.

This anxiety has increased over the past few months with the rise of AI. If I don’t use ChatGPT-4’s allotment of 25 messages every three hours, I might fail to secure my family’s financial future. There’s gold in those prompts; generational wealth to be made. If I put in the time and write enough original prompts, I’m sure something good will happen.

The curve requires me to stay ahead. Thanks to CodeAcademy, I’ve started learning the programming language Python. It’s just the moat I need. Once I understand the underlying data, I’ll have a leg up on the competition.

In fact, I’ve spent the last three hours on CodeAcademy. That’s three more hours than most people are willing to spend. Wait, has it been three hours? I forgot to use my ChatGPT-4 prompts!

💸 Finest Hour: Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase CEO, stated that the recent turmoil in the banking industry wasn't the finest hour for many involved parties. "Most of the risks were hiding in plain sight," he wrote in his annual letter. - WSJ

🖇️ Stop Stapling: Google plans to reduce spending on employee laptops, services, and office supplies like staplers in an effort to cut costs and streamline operations. The company aims to maintain efficiency while reallocating resources to higher-priority areas. - CNBC

💰 Trade Free: Since President Biden took office, the United States hasn't pursued free-trade agreements with other countries. Now, the lack of free-trade agreements has become a significant headache for the administration. - NY Times

Silicon Valley Was Like Florence During the Renaissance to a Turkish Entrepreneur

✍️ PulseESG CEO and founder Murat Sonmez's exclusive essay for on his career, his time with the WEF, and the lessons he learned while in the middle of Silicon Valley's tech boom.

🎁 FAFO: Alvin Bragg's indictment of former President Donald Trump could open Pandora's box for Democrats. The unintended consequences could lead to hyperpartisan, Republican district attorneys making indictments of their own. - NY Post

🏦 Bull Market: Why we're entering a new bull market: favorable chart patterns, improving relative strength, increased institutional accumulation, strong earnings growth, and positive market sentiment. - Luke Lango, InvestorPlace

☃️ Cool Off: The banking systems' reliance on short-term funding makes it susceptible to runs, which in turn can cause financial crises. This is how the economy cools off. - Noah Smith

🍿 Live Event: On April 26th, we'll talk about the future of AI with DataStax CEO Chet Kapoor. He is a proven leader and innovator in the tech industry with more than 20 years in leadership at innovative software and cloud companies, including Google, IBM, BEA Systems, WebMethods, and NeXT.

Fun Again: The pitch clock is making Major League Baseball fun again. It helps speed up games, making them more exciting and engaging for fans while also reducing the risk of injury for players due to prolonged inactivity. - Steve Kettman, NYT

🏀 L.A. Jazzed: How the Utah Jazz saved the Lakers season, despite the long-standing rivalry between LeBron. James and Danny Ainge. - Brian Windhorst, ESPN

Unlike Any Other: Who will win the 2023 Masters? Analyzing nine trends from the last decade of Masters tournaments to predict the green jacket winner. - Patrick McDonald, CBS Sports

Adam Sandler wins the 2023 Mark Twain Prize

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