What makes a good leader? This is a question Clint is devoted to exploring to discover what it really means to lead with excellence. Something that great leaders have in common is a philosophy of unity and accountability. They understand when it's time to convince versus when it's time to convene and great leaders spend more time bringing their people together, rather than pushing them in a single direction. Tune in to hear more of what sets the best founders and business leaders apart from the rest as we dive into more of their stories from the front lines.

1:55 Are we being manipulated?
3:05 Contemplating modern existance
3:44 What we lack is leadership.
4:13 What do great leaders have in common?
4:50 "If you can't lead yourself, who's to say you can lead others?"
5:36 Convince vs. Convene
7:57 Treat everyone like they matter.

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CEO, Founder | CEO.com