Avature CEO Dimitri Boylan

Dimitri Boylan's entry into the world of talent acquisition was initially driven by financial incentives in the early nineties. His decision to become a headhunter laid the foundation for what would later become a lifelong pursuit in the nexus of human resources and technology. This choice set the stage for a remarkable journey in the industry.

One of Boylan's most significant achievements was co-founding HotJobs.com in 1997. This venture, which redefined online job recruitment, went public and was later acquired by Yahoo! in 2002 for an impressive $433 million. Reflecting on this success, Boylan acknowledges the substantial nature of this achievement, especially in the context of the late 90s. HotJobs was a pioneering force, capitalizing on the internet's transformative power during the dot-com boom.

After HotJobs, Boylan embarked on another venture, founding Avature in 2004. Avature focused again on talent acquisition but sought to address the challenges unmet by HotJobs, particularly in handling the overwhelming amount of internet-based information for talent sourcing. Boylan's vision with Avature was to create a system that automated internet sourcing, showcasing an innovative approach to talent acquisition in the digital age.

Beyond technological innovation, Boylan's leadership philosophy is noteworthy. Leading many people in his career, Boylan emphasizes the importance of treating his employees like adults, providing his team with the necessary tools and freedom to excel. His leadership style underscores trust and empowerment, highlighting his belief in the capabilities of his team members.

Boylan advocates for personal values in business and believes in integrity and fairness. He holds that these values should be innate to individuals before they join a company, emphasizing the need for a fundamental ethical framework in both personal and professional realms.

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