Bill Eckstrom Founder and CEO of Ecsell Institute.

Live Event: Quantifying Leadership, Improving Performance

Bill Eckstrom's primary passion is growth - especially how coaches and leaders impact the growth and performance of individuals and teams.

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On the business of life.

Nothing is off the table in these weekly audio adventures, from hilarious personal stories to thoughts on current events to business advice from legends.

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I recommend to my partners and portfolio companies. You won't find better insights into leadership, growth, and how to overcome challenges.

- Midas List VC

What makes unique is they publish essays and stories I can't read anywhere else. Written by those who've been in the trenches, the content is highly relevant and informative.

- Fortune 100 CEO

As a founder, I like to read the perspectives and stories of those who've built legendary companies. I find myself gaining new wisdom from each piece that's published.

- Startup Founder

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