AvePoint CEO Tianyi Jiang

Success stories often emerge from humble beginnings.

AvePoint, is a company that started as a small venture co-founded by Dr. TJ and Kai Gong in the early 2000s. Their journey from those early days to becoming the largest B2B SaaS data management and governance provider in the Microsoft cloud space is a success story.

AvePoint began in 2001, amidst a backdrop of uncertainty in the tech industry. Dr. TJ and Kai Gong, who had previously worked together at Lucent Bell Labs, found themselves at a crossroads after layoffs hit the industry. Fueled by the desire to chart their destinies rather than being cogs in a corporate machine, they embarked on a mission to create something different. And AvePoint was born.

The company's initial focus was on B2B software, a time when delivering software via CD was the norm. In an interview with CEO.com, Dr. TJ reminisces about the challenging early years when they ventured into the email backup space, offering free software to gain traction. Kai, his co-founder, worked tirelessly at the Somerset Public Library while Dr. TJ juggled his responsibilities with grad school. It was a period of hard work and dedication — everyone on the team had to bring their best.

Their first big break came in 2003 when Microsoft introduced a second version of SharePoint, which shared data format similarities with their existing Exchange backup solution. While others hesitated due to the migration complexities, AvePoint took on covering the migration path. They were known for tackling the toughest challenges head-on, and this decision put them on the map, making them the go-to vendor for customers facing migration dilemmas.

The pivotal moment occurred at Microsoft's TechEd, where they showcased their solution. Even though they had developed the product over a weekend and had to carry a desktop tower to Seattle, their determination paid off. Microsoft referred customers to AvePoint, solidifying its reputation in the enterprise B2B software segment. Dr. TJ emphasizes that in this space, reputation and technical capabilities matter, as customers rigorously test products before making decisions.

The next phase of AvePoint's journey involved a transition to the cloud, a move they initiated in 2010. At a time when many were skeptical about cloud technology's future, AvePoint saw the potential and invested in Microsoft's cloud offerings. They expanded globally, establishing a presence in key markets like Japan, the UK, and Germany. Dr. TJ notes that they were ahead of the curve in recognizing the significance of cloud adoption.

Their foresight proved invaluable when, around 2015-2016, the industry began to acknowledge the importance of cloud technology. The transition to a subscription-based model, however, posed significant challenges, especially in managing cash flows. Unlike perpetual software sales, which provide upfront payments and annual maintenance fees, subscription models spread revenue evenly over time. This required companies to adapt not only technologically, but also in financial management.

AvePoint, unlike many others, navigated this transition without borrowing money, maintaining a strong balance sheet and generating cash. They emerged as a pioneer in cloud-based solutions, positioning themselves for continued growth.

Dr. TJ's background in data mining and machine learning led AvePoint to explore the possibilities of AI. Their expertise in data management and governance became crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic when remote work surged. Organizations needed to govern data-sharing in a distributed environment, leading to an increased focus on data sovereignty. This development coincided with AvePoint's initial public offering (IPO), strengthening its commitment to AI-ready information management.

AvePoint recognized that AI's power lies in clean and relevant data. Driven by the need to build proprietary data models, companies are leveraging their domain-specific data to enhance AI's impact. While general AI models like ChatGPT are powerful, domain-specific knowledge is essential for tailored solutions and true efficiency.

AvePoint's journey from a small B2B software startup to a dominant force in the Microsoft cloud space is a testament to its vision and agility. Their success is a reminder that staying ahead of the curve and embracing innovation is key to longevity and relevance.

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