ETW CEO Lee Benson

Lee Benson has achieved entrepreneurial success seven times over, with exits ranging from a few million to nine figures. He has developed a business methodology called the MIND Methodology, or the Most Important Number and Drivers. This system aims to set an organization's key number, which is different for every team or organization depending on their purpose, and to determine the focus areas that will help everyone achieve these goals.

Benson has also co-authored a book, Value Creation Kid: The Healthy Struggles Your Children Need to Succeed, on teaching children to find their value creation superpowers and equipping them for success in the future.

For businesses, Benson’s MIND Methodology focuses on finding the most effective route to success. To come to this conclusion, he suggests looking at the type of organization to pinpoint an appropriate key number—EBITDA, cash flow, impact, etc. For firms seeking to create a successful culture, he advises a start from the basics: mission, beliefs, decisions, practices, and accountability that create individual alignment and, importantly, clarity of mission and values. Benson’s advice is to be driven by intent, purpose, and creating value, and to embrace the healthy struggles these bring.

Beyond the business sphere, Benson aims to bring this attitude to everyday life. In his book Value Creation Kid, Benson explains how a child’s success in adulthood can be determined by their exposure and ability to understand value creation. He outlines four components to help guide children on this journey: value creation, house rules, financial competency, and healthy struggle. Benson proclaims that by facing hardship with resolution and optimism, children can turn hardships into lessons and opportunities for growth. He encourages parents to set their children up for success by helping them to find their unique value creation superpower.

To help teams within a business apply this methodology, Benson has crafted a limited mastermind group of 6-8 members to deeply understand the organization's problems and create a plan for success. He finds that when these groups are driven by intent and purpose, not avoiding pain, the organization is in a position to add immense value. When an organization uses these principles with a strategized culture and regularly set goals, it is better equipped to continue growing even through leadership changes.

Lee Benson’s strategies have been put to the test with positive results. His focus on creating value to drive success in life and business is an idea that can benefit any organization. Being intentional about culture and building a unified team with strong values encourages an atmosphere of support and growth that can weather any storm. By creating value and being open to healthy struggles, prominent and lasting success can be achieved personally and professionally.

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