Impacta VC CEO David Alvo


David Alvo, CEO of Impacta VCand former tech entrepreneur, has dedicated his life to using his business acumen to do good in the world. Drawing guidance from an astrologer who informed him that he was here “to give back,”  Alvo’s personal mission and business philosophy is centered on creating meaningful impact through his investments in Latin American purpose-driven ventures.

At Impacta VC, Alvo searches for Latin founders in what he calls an “impact space.” His goal is to support them in creating products and services with a positive social impact. He looks for purpose-driven ventures that recognize the connections between their efforts and the good they provide for people and the planet.

In Alvo’s philosophy, purpose is greater than profit. He seeks to invest in companies using the power of commerce to create solutions that help people exceed mundane daily tasks. He believes that a world with healthier, more conscious businesses benefits everyone. He is an investor and collaborator with several positive impact ventures such as Betterfly, Wheel the World, and Carryt.

The biggest challenge that most impact startups face, he shared, is staying motivated when the going gets tough. Alvo believes that “having a personal story or purpose related to the company you’re building” can help entrepreneurs remain resolute and keep pushing forward. Alvo looks for “the founders' purpose and if they are in love with a problem big enough to play the VC game.” He called out one of his successful investments, Carryt, as a concrete example: despite working with several Impact investors, “the founders kept going even when the going got tough.”

Finding invested, determined entrepreneurs like the Carryt founding team is key to Alvo’s investment strategy. Describing the ecosystem in Latin America as still “not good enough,” Alvo has become an advocate for strengthening local entrepreneurial markets. His current project, Go Impacta, serves as a progressive force in the effort to help Latin American markets fully develop in preparation for potential exits or IPOs.

Alvo’s leadership philosophy centers on empowering others to become leaders in their own right. The ability to empathize with those people who may lack access to resources or opportunity, he believes, is key to inspiring others to follow your lead. As Alvo himself noted: “Understand the strengths of your people… most people just need the opportunity.” In this way, Alvo has assumed the responsibility to provide those opportunities to those willing and able to make a difference.

He also believes that honesty is essential for developing effective leadership and that deception or dishonesty can only result in short-term success. He emphasizes remaining true to oneself, no matter the challenges one will inevitably face. As a leader, Alvo recommends “staying the course you were meant to follow and staying motivated and focused on the mission” despite any possible obstacles or distractions.

As he works to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem within Latin America, Alvo has formed alliances with the government, corporations, angel investors, and other venture capitalists. He wants the Latin American market to have the same opportunities as entrepreneurs in other countries.

In addition to mentoring upcoming entrepreneurs, Alvo hopes Go Impacta will continue to help Latin American entrepreneurs validate their market space and create solutions that make lives easier and more efficient.

David Alvo’s personal mission and business philosophy are founded in a powerful combination of empathy, purpose-driven investment, and truth—all underlying a mission to create meaningful change in Latin American markets. Through his entrepreneurial ventures, collaborative partnerships, and new projects like Go Impacta, Mr. Alvo aims to create a meaningful, lasting impact in Latin American markets, leaving a legacy of empowered and inspired entrepreneurs in his wake.

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