SwoonMe CEO Tanvi Gupta

SwoonMe, a metaverse social network focused on dating, is the brainchild of Tanvi Gupta, a former Morgan Stanley, and Citigroup employee turned tech entrepreneur.

After trying various dating apps in her early twenties in New York City, Gupta felt constrained by the lack of meaningful connection in online dating. "The main mechanism of interaction and connecting with people was just static photos," Gupta claims. With no context or familiarity, dates were commonly off to a rocky start before they'd even begun.

This experience inspired Gupta to create SwoonMe, a dating app that goes beyond traditional static photos and allows for more meaningful connections. Using avatars, SwoonMe users can express their appearance without sacrificing their privacy and being judged based on a few pictures; users on the app are meant to connect based on shared ideologies and personalities.

To get to know one another better, users are meant to introduce themselves with their voice and send audio messages. This is all in stark contrast to the familiar swipe left and right style format of the current dating apps. Unlike Tinder and Bumble, SwoonMe is designed to connect users in meaningful ways outside their physical appearance.

SwoonMe users can customize their avatars, put on makeup, or even add glasses if they feel like it. They can even join interest-based rooms and jump into private one-on-one conversations with people they may have something in common.

Since launching in mid-April, SwoonMe has already gained significant traction in the US. Gupta proudly claims the platform boasts an average engagement time of 40 minutes daily. The success of SwoonMe lies in its ability to create an intimate and personalized platform that aims to bridge the gap between online and real-life interactions.

In terms of monetizing the platform, Gupta states that early next year or at the end of this year SwoonMe will be selling virtual goods such as stickers, customizing avatars with branded content, and allowing users to purchase virtual goods like flowers, clothes, and accessories. Gupta also mentioned introducing cryptocurrency and NFTs, but this was something to consider down the line.

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