Envoy CEO Larry Gadea

The modern workplace is undergoing a seismic shift as companies grapple with the challenges of the pandemic. In the wake of the virus, employers face the difficult task of best managing their employees, whether working in-person, remotely, or in a hybrid model. Enter Envoy, a platform created by Larry Gadea to help organizations manage the complexities of the modern workplace.

Envoy has existed for roughly ten years, beginning as a visitor system. Gadea and his team quickly realized that their product could be used for more than just keeping track of visitors. As the pandemic took hold, the need for a comprehensive system to manage the complexities of the workplace became even more pressing.

To stay ahead of the curve, Gadea and his team had to rethink their entire business model. The result was a suite of products designed to help companies manage their workplace operations and data. This includes a desking product to help keep employees separated in the office, a meeting room tracking product, analytics, and more.

The suite of products has been designed to help companies make the most of their workplace, regardless of whether they are operating remotely, in-person, or in a hybrid model. In addition, Envoy has also developed a delivery product, which allows employees to easily track and pick up packages at the office.

Envoy’s success has been bolstered by a series of impressive investments, including a $1.15 million seed round from angel investors and a $15 million Series A round from Andreessen Horowitz. The company recently raised $111 million in a Series B round from Brookfield Growth.

Gadea believes that, while remote work may be suitable for some, most companies will opt for a hybrid model that offers the best of both worlds. While the traditional office will still play a significant role, Gadea believes that it is important for companies to focus on building a sense of community and connection in their workplace, no matter the format.

This sentiment is echoed in Envoy’s mission, which is to “help companies create great places to work.” Gadea believes that, if done right, the right workplace technology can help foster a sense of community and connection among employees, regardless of where they are located.

Gadea also believes that companies should be focused on efficiency and effectiveness rather than simply expanding at all costs. He believes companies must be willing to take risks and push boundaries to remain competitive.

Gadea’s thoughts on the future of work are an important reminder for companies during a turbulent economic environment. Companies must rethink their approach to the workplace and embrace new technologies and strategies to remain competitive in an ever-changing landscape. The success of Envoy is a testament to the power of innovation and the importance of staying ahead of the curve.

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